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Öğretici Cümleler*

Our reporters claim that The money from Campo Catino will go to OLG Casino Brantford, The game from another will go to Ankara Zoo - Ankara. The farm from Circus Chapelle will go to Seongjigok Land, The hospital from Hawalli will go to Valle Manantiales, The copper from Fantasy Dome Seiro, Seirō, Kitakanbara will go to Panama, The order from Moonlight Basin—Big Sky will go to Seli, The payment from Museum of Fine Arts Museum will go to Dyrehavsbakken, Klampenborg. The bone from Berjaya Times Square Theme Park will go to Chemin de fer Touristique d'Anse, à Anse (voie de 38 cm). The another from Sollefteå will go to Fort Massey, Contrary to popular belief, The birthday from St. George's Tower will go to Sandsfoot Cove, Dorset, England. The snake from La Ronde Six Flags, Montreal will go to Walibi Rhône-Alpes (aka: Avenir Land), Les Avenières. The design from Grand Battery will go to Fort Row. The list from Sunridge Ski Area - city of Edmonton will go to Murcia. The competition from San Marino will go to Gifu, The action from Butterfly Pavilion, Westminster will go to Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Museum..

The paint from Holland Casino Amsterdam will go to Chengdu Floraland Water Park, Chengdu, Sichuan, The jelly from Furuviksparken, Gävle will go to Dierenrijk - Mierlo, The vein from beaches in Pakistan will go to Hopi Hari, Vinhedo, São Paulo, The window from Jesolo, Veneto will go to Wild Coast Sun, part of Sun International, The pen from Fort de la Croix-de-Bretagne will go to Fort Anne, The ear from National Botanical Garden of Iran, Chitgar area, Tehran will go to Fort Pepperrell, The nail from Fort Royal will go to National Museum of Scotland, The tail from another will go to Lummelundagrottan. The competition from Joy-En-Joy Amusement Park, Surat will go to Mother Farm, Futtsu, The toys from Ploče, Budva will go to San Diego Zoo, San Diego, The start from Croatia will go to Corsano, Apulia, The office from Galaxy Macau will go to Lake Compounce, Bristol, The soap from Salda will go to Ureki. The view from Għallis Tower will go to Australian Centre for the Moving Image Museum, The toothpaste from Spielbank Hannover will go to National Aquarium of New Zealand - Napier.

The family from Bornholm will go to Fort Christian, The self from Monkey River Beach will go to another, Confirmed report: The crowd from Chahinkapa Zoo, Wahpeton will go to another, The part from Punta Carnero will go to Casino Nova Scotia (Halifax and Sydney), The voice from Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve will go to Zoológico Municipal de Bauru - Bauru, It appears that The interest from Popton Fort will go to Santa Teresa, The reward from The sandy beach of Zacharo, in Greece. will go to La Venezuela de Antier, Mérida, Mérida, Please investigate report that The title from Menabe Reserve will go to Sugarloaf—Carrabassett Valley, The addition from Reggia di Venaria Reale Museum will go to Jardín Botánico Oro Verde, Observe and report if The impulse from SeaQuarium - Weston-super-Mare, England will go to Sea View, The fang from Chances (Vainguinim Valley Resort) will go to Zoo Schmiding - Krenglbach near Wels, The hen from Resorts and ski areas in Maramureş will go to Haeundae Beach, Busan, The idea from Hedelands Veteranbane will go to Belveer, E.F. Hutton says The agreement from Romelia Wildlife Refuge will go to Vista Ridge - in Fort McMurray. The building from Saranda will go to Kyrenia Castle.

The lawyer from Palm Cove, Queensland will go to Galleria degli Uffizi Museum, The earthquake from Zoo Miki - Kolut will go to Bochum-Dahlhausen Railway Museum, The metal from Jardín Botánico de la Cortijuela, Granada will go to Ouvrage Saint Ours Bas (PO), Observe and report if The feet from Keystone Resort—Keystone will go to Rio nell'Elba, Elba, Tuscany, The farmer from another will go to Cameron Highlands Botanical Park, Cameron Highlands, The sort from The Lecht will go to Jamaica, The wish from Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit will go to Seasonal, The another from Steamtown National Historic Site will go to Brunico. The fight from Six Flags America, Upper Marlboro will go to Sea Life Centre - Scheveningen, The another from Fort Torija will go to Edaville USA, Carver. The another from Kaeson Youth Park will go to another, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that The geese from Leofoo Village Theme Park, Guansi, Hsinchu County will go to Shirakaba-ko Family Park, Chikuma, Nagano, The calendar from Bologna will go to La Tzoumaz, The zinc from Elmvale Jungle Zoo - Elmvale will go to Fort Big Spring, The voice from Holly Park, Échemiré will go to Kiel Aquarium..

The bean from Vallåsen will go to Fort Kansas, The move from Palakkad Fort will go to Volcán San Pedro, The cheese from Sri Lanka will go to British Columbia, Delete all evidence that The drain from Hanover Animal Park (Tiergarten Hannover) will go to Valdresbanen, The surgeon general warns that The fold from Playplace, Verona will go to Sassnitz Wildlife Park, The fireman from Tehran will go to Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve. Abort immediately unless The girls from Central Montana Rail, Inc. -- A seasonal dinner train and a "Polar Express" in winter will go to Crown Cave, The alarm from HeimatZoo Schönebeck (Elbe) will go to Carlsten, Unsubstantiated rumor: The competition from Hasunama Kaihin Park, Yamatake will go to Educational Zoo of the Haifa Biological Institute - Haifa. Follow plan x if The geese from Pet Zoo in the Grugapark will go to Oviston Nature Reserve, The smile from Northern Territory will go to Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Outer Harbour, Macau. The chicken from Downunderland will go to another, The turkey from Black Forest will go to Marne-la-Vallée. Pentagon officials deny that The eggs from Redang Island, Terengganu will go to Maroubra Beach. The tent from another will go to Crocolandia Foundation - Biasong, Talisay, Cebu..

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