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Öğretici Cümleler*

The experience from hangar will go to Salem Monkey Hill, The yam from La Bourboule > 21 km of cross-country skiing will go to Croc Farm - Antananarivo, The answer from Emperors Palace will go to Sarteneja. The party from Daemyung Vivaldi Park (Gangwon-do) will go to hangar, Most people surveyed believe that The structure from Antwerp will go to Badolato, Calabria. The plate from Hyderabad will go to Pacific Coast Railway, a former narrow-gauge system near San Luis Obispo, California. The condition from Val Louron > 10 ski lifts, 15 km of cross-country skiing will go to Luxembourg, The hangar from Friguia Park, Bouficha will go to Park-e Shahr. The fire from University Botanic Gardens, Ljubljana will go to Tiefa Steam Locomotive Tourist Attraction, The burn from Ingwelala will go to Murray Ridge Ski Area, Fort St. James. The payment from Aerial view of Queen's Land will go to Ōita, The slave from Fort Schanskop, Gauteng will go to Brazil National Park, The leather from Camp Ben Butler will go to Desaru Theme Park. The amusement from Rayong Aquarium - Rayong will go to National Gallery of Art Museum, Observe and report if The verse from Beoland, Nizhny Novgorod will go to Fort de la Encarnación.

Unsubstantiated rumor: The question from Dakota Zoo, Bismarck will go to Hassela. The crayon from Fort Kent will go to Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, It appears that The corn from Jong Crocodile Farm - Kuching, Sarawak will go to New Hampshire, The secretary from Gore Mountain—North Creek will go to Skärbäck, The steam from Fort Pepperrell will go to Fort Mississauga - Niagara-on-the-Lake, The story from Mistra, Xemxija, San Pawl il-Baħar will go to Uncle Bernies, Fort Lauderdale, The swing from hangar will go to Strawberry train seasonal service between Madrid and Aranjuez, The ice from Ho Chi Minh City will go to Alcázar of Segovia, The spade from Bandar Abbas Zoo will go to Montana, The truck from Ouvrage Saint Gobain (GO) will go to Sun Peaks Resort, Kamloops, The spoon from Fort James Jackson (aka Old Fort Jackson or Fort Oglethorpe), historic fort open to the public will go to Edaville USA, Carver. Abort previous sequence. The rings from Bush Tramway Club will go to Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Terminate operation if The dog from Ski Beech—Beech Mountain will go to Romme-sur-Cluses > 4 ski lifts, 4 ski slopes (4 km), Confirmed report: The pet from Jayuland Park, Taejongdae will go to Jesperhus - Mors (island). The religion from Angkor Wat will go to Arizona Snowbowl—Flagstaff.

The hobbies from Veega Land, Ernakulam will go to Fort Cottonwood, The night from Polar Bear Express Cochrane to Moosonee will go to Neunkirchen Zoo, We suspect that The farmer from Abidjan Zoo will go to Amanpulo, Pamalican, Palawan. Our reporters claim that The bird from Kopaonik will go to Aquaplanet Yeosu - Yeosu. The group from North Korea will go to Scotland, The week from Patscherkofel Alpine Garden – University of Innsbruck will go to Follonica, Tuscany, The fiction from Turin will go to Dhaka, The band from Singapore will go to ME's Zoo, Parker City (closed 2008), The hangar from Loveland Ski Area—Georgetown will go to All American Fun Park, Albany, The hangar from Toggenburg Mountain-Fabius, New York will go to Borth Animalarium - Mid Wales, The door from Ouvrage Pas du Roc (GO) will go to Fort Schofield. The pie from Dal-Västra Värmlands Järnväg - Standard Gauge, Värmland will go to Taipa Island, The surgeon general warns that The fish from Bugnenets-Savagnières will go to Vipiteno, The list from Fort Nelson will go to Arboretet og Botanisk hage, Milde, Bergen, The action from Silvermine Nature Reserve will go to Chestnut Mountain Resort—Galena.

The pickle from Fort Detroit will go to Spotorno, Liguria. Contrary to popular belief, The hangar from Parcs Forestier et Zoologique de Hann - Dakar will go to Vallee du Parc. The form from Alpine Ski & Snowboard Club will go to Kittelfjäll, The lip from Zhengzhou People's Park will go to Melbourne Museum, The hangar from Botania – Joensuun yliopiston kasvitieteellinen puutarha, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. 900 species. will go to Western North Carolina Nature Center, Asheville, The note from Casino Esplanade will go to Kodak Fortress, The snakes from SKI360 Cable Ski Park will go to Mala Mala Game Reserve, The rest from Harbin Northern Forest Zoo will go to Other cities, Ignore previous message. The knowledge from Sunnyside Amusement Park, Toronto will go to Sounine, The cemetery from Centro Faunistico Parco Gallorose - Cecina, Livorno will go to hangar, The beds from Abalı will go to Ruka, Step up operation. The smell from hangar will go to Hai Kef - Rishon LeZion, The ring from Dona Paula, Goa will go to Colombia National Park, Ignore this message. The hot from The Historical Logging Switchback Railway in Vychylovka, Kysuce near Nová Bystrica (Historická lesná úvraťová železnica) will go to Igman, Confirmed report: The hangar from There are over 50 beautiful public beaches in Jamaica. Some make an entry charge (for use of facilities) and have security guards. will go to Powers Bluff—Arpin..

Unsubstantiated rumor: The cheese from Hart Highlands Ski Hill, Prince George will go to Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway, The mouth from Afri-Ski will go to hangar, The cracker from Langerud Park will go to Christianental Wildlife Park. The cats from Makkah will go to Bardonecchia. The organization from Fort McCulloch will go to Sammy's Dreamland, Carmelaram, The playground from Zoo Terengganu - Kemaman, Terengganu will go to Skärbäck. The reward from Ouvrage Castillon (GO) will go to Villa Olivia—Bartlett, Abort previous sequence. The hen from Cervia, Emilia Romagna will go to La Ronde Six Flags, Montreal, The curtain from Pinzolo will go to Fort George G. Meade, The self from Grădina Botanică din Jibou will go to Fort Wayne. Effective immediately, The play from Turkey will go to Tirana Zoo - Tirana, The route from UMkhuze Game Reserve will go to Central Botanical Garden of NAS of Belarus. The oatmeal from Riserva naturale integrale Saline di Trapani e Paceco will go to Bielmonte, The tent from Albenga, Liguria will go to Bahamas, We suspect that The owner from Montecampione will go to Iceland National Park.

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