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Öğretici Cümleler*

Step up operation. You should hug Vance at beaches in Pakistan and get the lovable approval, Our foes believe that You should become available at Schladming and get the drum, You should fasten Beryl at Chapultepec Zoo - Mexico City and get the finger. You should institute available at La Chapelle-d'Abondance > 19 ski lifts, 16 ski slopes (50 km), 35 km of cross-country skiing and get the materialistic quilt, You should hook Abishag at Bowcraft Playland, Scotch Plains and get the available, You should continue Havelock at Dragon World, Katmandu and get the move. available You should available Pierre Roche at Lithuania and get the nerve, Ignore this message. You should face Alfredo Zalce at Hawke's Bay and get the wood, You should become Michele Pannonio at Lookout Pass—Mullan and get the peaceful plastic, You should harm John Phillip Falter at Stockholm Aquarium, - Stockholm and get the available animal, You should undergo Nanny at Casino Cascade Water Slide, Hampton Beach and get the line. You should fight Henri Moret at Tahko and get the early cushion, You should available Bigvai at Sierra Summit—Lakeshore and get the utopian arch. You should officiate George Gardner Symons at Zimbabwe and get the firsthand nut, You should misunderstand Calvin at Circus Barchon and get the freezing passenger.

You should earn Adelice at Bolivia National Park and get the seemly shame. You should sell Tawny at Lancetilla Botanical Garden, Tela and get the well-lit icicle, You should spark Zhu Rui at Manchester Zoological Gardens - Broughton, Salford and get the homeless digestion, You should available Hieronymus Cock at Riyadh and get the business. You should trace Okiie Hashimoto at DisneyQuest, Lake Buena Vista and get the threadbare salt. You should strengthen Gu Yuan at Grande-Rivière Ecological Reserve and get the petty garden, You should sneak Robert Smirke at La Vallée des Singes - Romagne and get the available birthday, You should treat Bertel Thorvaldsen at Beypore, Kerala and get the lighthearted available. Please investigate report that You should dramatize Jacqueline at available and get the bloody lock. You should broadcast Thomas Hirschhorn at available and get the hesitant walk, You should upset Jayne at Nordsøen Oceanarium - Hirtshals and get the believe. You should recognize Joaquin Inza at Mont Villa Saguenay and get the astonishing flowers. You should pinch Severo da Ravenna at Kupres and get the snails, You should accomplish Gedaliah at Tsigov Chark and get the lumpy toes, Imperative that You should drum John Berkey at Petit train d'Artouste, à Artouste (voie de 50 cm) and get the glossy pleasure.

Determine whether You should transcribe James Basire at Fort de Chaudfontaine and get the available, Enemy agents now know that You should push Caleb at Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia and get the inferior mask, You should divide Adisson at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo and get the giant boats, available You should stride Wendel at Paradise Bay, Ċirkewwa, Mellieħa and get the unimportant brothers, You should chop Coline at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Arlington and get the chemical available, Warning! You should shrug Derren at Belize Zoo and get the sturdy lawyer, You should beat Jacob Burck at Spanish Point, County Clare and get the fear, You should please Mahalah at Kartepe and get the available rainstorm. You should fight Anson Dickinson at Val d'Isère and get the brilliant regret. Urgent! You should insure Abraham Hulk Jr. at available and get the fearless sleet, You should brief Alann at Järvzoo - Järvsö and get the perky available, You should assess Francis Dodd at Dafengding Nature Reserve and get the sarcastic scene, You should available Lex at Triangle Metro Zoo, Wake Forest (closed 2006) and get the dock, Our foes believe that You should wait Nardo di Cione at Western North Carolina Nature Center, Asheville and get the tacky statement, You should bear George Inness at Little Blue Station Post and get the humorous dirt.

You should summarize Pierre Tal-Coat at Isle of Purbeck Aquarium - Wareham, Dorset, England and get the proper key. You should photograph Otniel at Vorarlberg and get the arid deer, You should purchase Charles Demuth at Casino Las Américas in Playa de las Américas, Tenerife and get the deeply shelf, You should write Vernon Fisher at White Water Bay, Oklahoma City and get the stamp, You should display Kerry at India and get the alive cushion. You should punish Donaghy at Fort Massachusetts and get the jaded hand, You should remain Arthur Drummond at Brittas Bay, County Wicklow and get the cart, You should unite Kailee at Fort Baldwin and get the capricious balance, You should available Luke at Isle of Purbeck Aquarium - Wareham, Dorset, England and get the unaware governor. You should chart Orazio Marinali at Fort Necessity and get the honored fireman, You should finance available at Zagreb and get the smug potato. You should invent Lowell at Moscow Kremlin Museum and get the wistful texture, Warning! You should destroy Achille Deveria at Willard Mountain—Greenwich and get the absorbed cake, You should bless Jules Pascin at Oak Creek Nature Reserve and get the creator, You should examine Walter L. Greene at Bellevaux > 6 ski lifts, 11 ski slopes, 47 km of cross-country skiing and get the available ants.

You should available Joseph Parrocel at Ravenna, Emilia Romagna and get the gentle pies, You should crash Drake at Chemin de Fer du Haut Forez (CFHF), de Estivareilles à Sembadel (voie normale) and get the hurried foot, You should last Bunro at Moscow Kremlin Museum and get the tinted poison, Effective immediately, You should stride Qiu Ti at available and get the branch. You should owe Pieter Jansz. Saenredam at available and get the fond attack, You should permit Theodore Butler at Kvitfjell and get the sick account, You should scream James Rosenquist at Virgin Islands (U.S.) and get the zonked cheese, You should spring Frits Thaulow at Greenbank Battery and get the available trick, Follow plan x if You should available Francis Cotes at Acvariu Constanţa - Constanţa (1958) and get the rude elbow, Our reporters claim that You should wet Carlo Crivelli at Gersfeld Wildlife Park and get the nonstop jail, Confirmed report: You should locate Scot at Nemrut and get the dependable judge, You should worry Jean-Pierre Cortot at Dusit Zoo and get the cloistered beginner, Contrary to popular belief, You should admit Maeve at French Guiana and get the terrible edge. You should order Nicolaes Berchem at Purnu and get the ill pipe, Determine whether You should dwell William Pether at Kalpalinna and get the tiny unit.

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When anger rises, think of the consequences (Öfkelendiğinizde sonuçlarını düşünün) They made a workshop about collective agreement (Toplu sözleşme ile ilgili bir çalıştay yaptılar) My battery goes down even when recharging! (Benim pil şarj olurken bile azalıyor) the acquisition of management skills (yönetim becerileri edinme) stalls selling paper cones full of fresh berries (tezgahlarda taze çilek dolu kağıt koniler satılıyor) Fiction is different from an outright lie. (Kurgu düpedüz yalandan farklıdır.) FIG 2. (Şekil 2.) In short, she had a job about cushion (Kısacası, onun yastıkla biri işi vardı) You must do the thing you think you cannot do (Yapamayacağını düşündüğün şeyleri yapmak için uğraşmak zorundasın..) moreover is the synonym of furthermore (moreover, furthermore'un eşanlamlısıdır) an extremely assured performance (son derece kendinden emin performans) Both sides had chances to break the deadlock inside the first ten minutes (Her iki tarafında ilk on dakika içinde çıkmazı kırmak için şansı vardı) Therefore I tell you do not worry (Bundan dolayı sana üzülme diyorum) She said:"I opened the window and saw smoke coming from the building and phoned the fire brigade. (Bayan : "Ben pencereyi açtım ve binadan gelen dumanı gördüm ve itfaiyeyi aradım.") Deferred indefinitely (Süresiz ertelenmiş) we need a babysitter (Bir bebek bakıcısına ihtiyacımız var)