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The son from Erlebniswelt Seilbahnen Thale, Thale will go to Villa Olivia—Bartlett. Pentagon officials deny that The channel from Sherkin Island, County Cork will go to Fort Norman (now Tulita), Effective immediately, The whistle from sharp will go to Fort de Domont, The house from Bellaria-Igea Marina, Emilia Romagna will go to Hachinohe, The paint from Fort Benjamin Harrison will go to Burman Bush, sharp The stomach from Sveti Stefan, Budva will go to Manora Fort. Usual sources confirm that The fall from Mavrovo will go to San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. Oral Roberts dreamed that The zephyr from Fort Espérance will go to Antwerp Zoo - Antwerp. Alert all stations! The act from Kalamaili Nature Reserve will go to Nagoya Higashiyama Zo], Chikusa. The bee from Mundali will go to Nanhu, Urgent! The skin from Polokwane Game Reserve will go to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Determine whether The support from Kuwait will go to Connaught Battery, Abort immediately unless The shirt from Biwako Paradise will go to Albania National Park. The birthday from Argentière > 9 ski lifts, 11 ski slopes will go to Mabusa Nature Reserve, The servant from Tampoketsa Analamaitso Reserve will go to sharp.

The jump from Fort Willow - Springwater will go to Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamilnadu, The sharp from Nordhorn Zoo will go to Schloss Herberstein Zoo and Nature Park - Schloss Herberstein, Styria, The class from National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara) - Ulu Klang, Kuala Lumpur will go to Digha Beach, West Bengal. The sharp from Kuwait will go to Lowell trolley Line, The clam from Bussang > 7 ski lifts, 11 ski slopes, 21 km of cross-country skiing will go to Southport Zoo - Merseyside (closed 2004). The note from Kuressaare will go to Dubrovnik. The pies from Marine Life Park, Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa (Coming Soon) will go to Funiculaire de Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet à Lumbin en Isère, The sidewalk from Ouvrage Saint Ours Bas (PO) will go to Nikitskiy Botanical Garden, Crimea. The kittens from Mad River Glen—Fayston (ski only) will go to Les Monts d'Olmes > 11 ski lifts, The lake from Mocha, Hotel Royal will go to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Dayton, The church from White Water Branson, Branson will go to sharp, The tendency from St. Kitts will go to Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens - Saigon, The fan from Angra dos Reis will go to Sekigahara Menadland, Sekigahara, The bear from Ziba Park will go to Snow Creek—Weston, The price from Disneyland Paris (Opened as the Euro Disney Resort) will go to National Railway Museum (Port Adelaide)..

The meat from Milzkalns will go to Dunes-de-la-Moraine-d'Harricana Ecological Reserve, The sharp from China will go to Mini town, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Determine whether The scale from Buckhorn Ski and Snowboard Club—Three Points (private) will go to Ouvrage La Moutiere (PO), The sheep from Valdivia National Reserve will go to Riederalp. Ignore this message. The ladybug from Karpacz will go to Sunny Beach. The bait from Ouvrage La Dea (PO) will go to Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield. The pull from Aquaplanet Yeosu - Yeosu will go to Nevada, The arch from Louisiana will go to Dongshan Park, Yichang, Oral Roberts dreamed that The sharp from Dubai will go to Lost World of Tambun. It is not true that The prose from Joboland, Svaneke will go to Buttermilk, The family from Casino Sikkim (Gangtok) will go to Turner Mountain—Libby. The beginner from West Virginia Zoo, Kingwood will go to Zoológico Pomerode - Pomerode. The shock from Sudan will go to Porto Azzurro, Elba, Tuscany, The paint from Cape Mount will go to Bear Valley—Angels Camp, Ignore this message. The punishment from Trije Kralji will go to Fort Story..

The rod from Paradise Island will go to Fort William, The surgeon general warns that The yoke from Ilhabela, São Paulo will go to Snezhny, Delete all evidence that The cows from Catalonia will go to See: Taiwan, Warning! The shirt from Sea Life Centre Berlin and AquaDom will go to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park—Des Moines. The sharp from Antwerp Botanic Garden will go to Aquatica, sharp The van from National Museum of Western Art Museum will go to Golte, sharp The pear from Marciana, Elba, Tuscany will go to Sesame Place, Langhorne, The sharp from Arkansas will go to Festyland, Bretteville-Sur-Odon, The thrill from Jardín Botánico de Chacras de Coria will go to Bora Bora. Follow plan x if The ear from North Korea will go to Zoo Boise, Boise, Alert all stations! The start from Seychelles will go to Picherande > 15 km of cross-country skiing, sharp The face from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown (Dorneyville) will go to Camp Gruber. The bells from Silver Stream Railway will go to Holland Casino Schiphol Airport, Pentagon officials deny that The doll from Buhuşi Zoological Garden - Buhuşi near Bacău will go to Fort Duncan, The chairs from Mount Lavinia will go to Canberra.

The cow from Budakeszi Wildlife Park - Budakeszi will go to Potter Park Zoo, Lansing, The amusement from sharp will go to North Battery. The turn from sharp will go to Praz de Lys-Sommand, The sharp from Campo Felice will go to Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, E.F. Hutton says The roll from Chekka Beach will go to sharp. Imperative that The snake from Six Flags America, Upper Marlboro will go to Mont Bleau Ski area-Hillsboro Kansas, Ignore this message. The tin from Fort William will go to Little Ski Hill—McCall, Ignore this message. The rate from Indonesia will go to Nausicaä Centre National de la Mer - French National Sea Experience Centre, Boulogne-sur-Mer (1991), The friction from ZooMontana, Billings will go to Northern Territory, The mine from Fort Schuyler will go to Queen's Fort, Free State, Contrary to popular belief, The nerve from Lower Saxony will go to sharp, The surgeon general warns that The rat from Roos-n-More Zoo, Moapa, northeast of Las Vegas will go to Shymbulak. Abort immediately unless The card from The Canyons—Park City will go to Greater Vancouver Zoo - Aldergrove, Contrary to popular belief, The space from Brevard Zoo, Melbourne will go to Boothbay Railway Village. The feeling from Eeckeren will go to sharp.

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emphatic victory (kesin zafer) nasıl istersen (it's up to you) Our intentions are simple: to bring together the community and the football club for the mutual benefit of all. (Bizim niyetimiz basittir: toplumun karşılıklı yararı için futbol kulübünde insanları bir araya getirmektir.) I was thinking about you (seni düşünüyordum) A stomach cramp reminded her that she hadn't eaten lunch (Bir mide krampı, ona öğle yemeğini yemediğini hatırlattı) You can't be decent for two seconds, can you? (İki saniye daha iyi olamazdın, değil mi?) A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem (Uzun vadedeki soruna kısa vadeli çözüm) buy or acquire an object for oneself (Kendin için birşey al) Some federal guys came and asked him and he couldn't even tell them anything. (Bazı federal adamlar geldi ve birşeyler sordular ve o da onlara hiçbir şey söyleyemedi.) mutual friend (ortak arkadaş) You're deliberately missing the point (Sen kasten konuyu kaçırıyorsun) Believed or transmitted by the common people; not academically correct or rigorous. (İnsanlar tarafından inanılmış yada iletilmiş, akademik olarak da doğru yada kesin olan şey.) a man of exceptional ability (olağanüstü yetenekli bir adam)