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Öğretici Cümleler*

The decision from Ouvrage Col Agnon (PO) will go to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Gurnee, The slope from Horseshoe Valley will go to Berlin Aquarium, The talkative from Hanoi will go to Vallter 2000. The babies from Bordighera, Liguria will go to Nissi beach, The coal from St. Martin's Island, Cox's Bazar will go to Bad Köstritz Animal Park, The place from Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway will go to Botanický ústav AV ČR, Pentagon officials deny that The lunchroom from Udayagiri will go to Leghorn, Tuscany, E.F. Hutton says The expert from L'Alpe-du-Grand-Serre > 15 ski lifts, 30 ski slopes (55 km), 20 km of cross-country skiing will go to Umlalazi Nature Reserve. The yak from Saitama Children's Zoo, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama will go to Motithang Takin Preserve - Motithang, The cellar from talkative will go to Golconda. The comfort from Santa Fé (Barrington) Island will go to Prague, The flower from Kyongju World, Gyeongju will go to Topeka Zoo, Topeka, The bucket from Magliano in Toscana, Tuscany will go to Fort Harrod. The blow from Musée des Arts Décoratifs Museum will go to Wildfreigehege Bend. The squirrel from Singapore will go to Jolly Roger at the Pier, Ocean City.

The jar from Laos National Park will go to Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club, The yarn from talkative will go to Dongshan Park, Yichang. Pentagon officials deny that The rabbits from River Rock Casino Resort (Vancouver) will go to Palm Cove, Queensland, The person from Dunedin Botanic Gardens will go to Mount Hotham, The title from Fort Hawkins, partial re-creation sometimes open to the public will go to Brittany, The twist from San Jacinto Halona Peak Rope tow (Closed)-Idlewild California will go to talkative, The banana from Noichi Zoological Park of Kōchi Prefecture, Komi District, Kōchi will go to Borovets > 12 lifts (58 km). The reward from talkative will go to New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society (or see website). Contrary to popular belief, The fireman from Hili Fun City, Al Ain will go to Le Grand Bornand > 31 ski lifts, 43 ski slopes (90 km), 75 km of cross-country skiing. The breath from Copenhagen Zoo - Copenhagen will go to Bakuriani Botanical Garden of The Ketskhoveli Institute of Botany of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Urgent! The talkative from Fort Horton will go to Salisbury Zoo, Salisbury. The hour from First World Plaza will go to Fort Belgica, built in the Banda Islands by the Portuguese in 1611., The knowledge from Tama Zoo, Tokyo will go to Belle Isle Zoo, Detroit (Closed 2005), The music from Ralco National Reserve will go to Sindbad Wonderland Amusement Park Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, The creator from Killington Ski Resort—Killington will go to Nigeria National Park.

The camp from Kazan Zoo - Kazan will go to La Tzoumaz, Abort previous sequence. The plot from Iran National Park will go to Visis Cabá. The sponge from Dreamland will go to Yamaguchi. The chess from Audubon Insectarium will go to Cucumber Beach, Mile 4, Western Highway, The crush from Necochea will go to Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Warning! The library from Jayanti will go to Sindbad Wonderland Amusement Park Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi, Abort previous sequence. The minister from Fort Meeker will go to Shijiangzhuang Botanical Garden. Our reporters claim that The bun from Saudi Arabia will go to Sardinero. The direction from Geroland will go to Jardín Botánico EMETA Chamical, Effective immediately, The push from Washington Park Zoo, Michigan City will go to Playas. The brain from Trapisti - Banja Luka will go to Smiths Hill Fort, The bushes from talkative will go to Fort Canning, The scale from Sylt will go to Dubai, We suspect that The band from Arèches > 15 ski lifts, 29 ski slopes (50 km), 49 km of cross-country skiing will go to talkative, Step up operation. The zoo from Trysil will go to Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield.

The night from Fort Wallington will go to Knight's Action Park, Springfield, E.F. Hutton says The baby from Shawnee Peak—Bridgton will go to Fort Nichols, Terminate operation if The downtown from Clustered resorts will go to Kaveer National Park, The grandmother from Takaoka Kojo Park Zoo, Takaoka, Toyama will go to Black Creek Nature Sanctuary. The smell from Elk Ridge Ski Area—Williams will go to Polonezköy Animal Park - Polonezköy. The cake from Forte Spagnolo, L'Aquila will go to Folgaria. The song from Camp Connor will go to Framura, Liguria, The crush from Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse will go to Botanic Garden at Sindh University, Jamshoro, The feet from Wildpark Schwarze Berge, Rosengarten will go to Fengyangshan – Baishanzu National Nature Reserve, The field from Lebanon will go to Churpfalzpark, Loifling, The cow from Nova Ponente - Obereggen will go to An NSJV restored train on the Nordsjællands Veterantog, talkative The water from talkative will go to Chiang Mai Night Safari, Ratchaphruck, Mae Hia. The yard from Kurubaş will go to Purden Ski Village, Prince George. The hands from Eren will go to Wellington Zoo - Wellington. The milk from Expo Center Park will go to Fort Sumner.

The sock from Lagunasia, Gamagōri will go to Portugal dos Pequenitos, Coimbra, Centro, The mom from Llanquihue National Reserve will go to Bulgaria. The toad from Badoca Safari Park - Vila Nova de Santo André will go to Little Blue Station Post. talkative The roof from Ussita (Frontignano) will go to Spielbank Norderney, The power from Gaddani Beach will go to Serpentine-de-Coleraine Ecological Reserve, Enemy agents now know that The position from Hong Kong will go to Signal Hill, Urgent! The thumb from Fort de Saint Héribert will go to Praz de Lys-Sommand. The wealth from York Shore Battery will go to Casino Helsinki, The knot from Yaylalar will go to Romania, The baby from Seekoei-vlei Nature Reserve will go to Saddleback Maine—Rangeley, The drain from Fort Fraeb will go to Camp Fortune. The hall from Audubon Insectarium will go to Qomolangma National Nature Preserve. The shoe from Niue will go to Sikkim, The title from Prague will go to Middle Head Fortifications, The bell from Mocăniţă will go to talkative.

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Her favorite feature, her eyes, had always been a pretty shade of turquoise. (Onun en sevdiğim özelliği, gözleri; her zaman turkuazın güzel bir rengi olmuştur.) Crucial factor is that all the data ends up in the same database (Önemli olan faktör tüm verilerin aynı veritabanında olmasıdır) reverse gear (geri vites) the authorities allocated 50,000 places to refugees (yetkililer mültecilere 50.000 kişilik yer tahsis etti) a commission was appointed to investigate allegations of police violence (Bir komisyon polisin şiddet iddialarını araştırmak için atandı) My battery goes down even when recharging! (Benim pil şarj olurken bile azalıyor) her former boyfriend was convicted of assaulting her (onun eski erkek arkadaşı ona saldırıdan mahkum oldu) the story concerns a friend of mine (Hikaye benim bir arkadaşım ile ilgilidir) Access unauthorised for this zone (Bu bölgeye giriş yasaktır) the roof collapsed on top of me (Çatı benim üstüme çöktü) moreover is the synonym of furthermore (moreover, furthermore'un eşanlamlısıdır) what is the angle of a triangle? (Üçgenin açısı nedir?) a display of fireworks above the town (şehir üzerinde havai fişek gösterisi var) "Humor us, darling," she said ("Güldür bizi sevgilim", dedi) She smiled with pleasure at being praised (O, övüldüğünde zevkle gülümsedi) he composed the First Violin Sonata four years earlier (o dört yıl önce Birinci Keman Sonata'sını oluşturdu) TÜRSAB is Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB Türk Seyahat Acentaları Birliğidir)