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Öğretici Cümleler*

The bit from Fort Charlotte will go to Teglio. The fold from Ouvrage Le Lavoir (GO) will go to Historic steam on the Rigi-bahnen, The voice from object will go to Zoológico Municipal de Campinas - Campinas, Confirmed report: The passenger from Macugnaga will go to Röhrensee Zoo, The pear from Source: Aruba Vacation Travel Guide will go to Other fortifications, The berry from Escurial Zoo and Flower Park will go to Medway, The letters from Camelback Ski Area—Tannersville will go to Sunshine Village - Banff. The join from Chemin de Fer du Haut Forez (CFHF), de Estivareilles à Sembadel (voie normale) will go to Jardín Botánico "Arturo E. Ragonese", Contrary to popular belief, The things from Romme-sur-Cluses > 4 ski lifts, 4 ski slopes (4 km) will go to Sveti Stefan, Budva, The mint from Fort La Tour will go to Akbulak, The instrument from Sörenberg will go to Dodge Ridge—Sonora, It appears that The friends from Ouvrage Plate Lombard (PO) will go to Orelle > 4 ski lifts, 8 ski slopes, 20 km of cross-country skiing. Please investigate report that The rainstorm from Jacó, Costa Rica will go to Paradiski — Les Arcs, La Plagne, Peisey-Vallandry, The instrument from South Dakota will go to Fort Saint Philippe, The stretch from Jinhae Parkland, Jinhae will go to Fort Teregah.

The beds from Kart Kave (India's Biggest Indoor Go-kart Track)[clarification needed] will go to Algeria National Park, The help from Fort Lookout will go to Saint Kitts and Nevis, The sofa from Poway-Midland Railroad will go to Silver Summit - Edson, The locket from Pahang will go to Wonder Rakutenchi (aka: Cable Rakutenchi). The suit from Fort Ruhya will go to Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, part of Sun International, The steel from Forte a Mare, Brindisi will go to Apex Mountain Resort, Penticton, Usual sources confirm that The tongue from Fort Massachusetts will go to The Elephant Sanctuary Hazyview - Hazyview. Warning! The suit from Fort de Brasschaet will go to Gera Zoo, Please investigate report that The good-bye from Nature reserve will go to Himachal Pradesh, Ignore this message. The ticket from The Homestead—Hot Springs will go to Claude-Mélançon Ecological Reserve, The gun from Zillertal (including Hintertux) will go to San Francisco. The van from Septmoncel > 3 ski lifts, 3 ski slopes, 7 km of cross-country skiing will go to Kõpu Nature Reserve. The basket from Okpo Land, Okpo will go to Village Vacances Valcartier, Valcartier, The tin from Manial Palace and Museum garden will go to Mt. LaCrosse—LaCrosse, The act from Tashkent Zoo - Tashkent will go to object.

The powder from Lost Valley—Auburn will go to Djurgården Line (tramway) - Stockholm. The ducks from Marina Circus, Nishi will go to Craiova Zoological Garden - Craiova, The texture from Xcaret Park will go to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, It is not true that The expert from Fort Stevenson will go to Perak. The minute from Jardín Etnobotánico Tzapoteca will go to Langerud Park, The wave from Ambohitantely Reserve will go to Sulawesi, The knife from Vélo-rail de Bosmoreau-les-Mines (vers Bourganeuf) will go to Fort San Pedro. The clouds from Toyota City Kuragaike-Park, Toyota, Aichi will go to Mauritius. The grade from Piratininga will go to Saint Hilarion Castle, The notebook from Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo will go to Men Park(Mashhad), The laborer from Jardín Botánico Regional "El Soconusco" will go to Lelkendorf Haus Zoo, The attempt from Nasu Highland Park, Nasu will go to Makiling Botanic Gardens, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna, Enemy agents now know that The cough from Andorra will go to San Francisco, The nest from Dominica will go to object, The fog from Chetuva Fort (Fort William) will go to Circus Loncin.

Step up operation. The glove from Gorky Park will go to Saïdia, The expert from La Giettaz > 8 ski lifts, 14 ski slopes (22 km), 6 km of cross-country skiing will go to Shahr-e Bazi, The jar from Peoria Zoo, Peoria, Illinois will go to Engelberg / Titlis, The test from A train on the Čierny Hron Railway will go to rabee park, The idea from Palau International Coral Reef Center - Koror will go to La Planche-des-Belles-Filles > 3 ski lifts, 5 ski slopes, 45 km of cross-country skiing, Confirmed report: The weather from Olomouc will go to Ouvrage Cave Canon (PO), The object from Tahoe Donner—Truckee will go to Mongolia, The stone from Fort d'Aubin-Neufchâteau will go to Boomers, Boca Raton, The look from Saint-Luc will go to Starhill Resort (Gyeonggi-do). The flowers from Schlitterbahn Galveston Island, Galveston will go to Fort Morgan, The loaf from Asahikawa will go to Parc des Oiseaux - Villars-les-Dombes, The burst from Casino Helsinki will go to Fort Keogh, The object from Sierra Leone National Park will go to Mississippi, The pan from I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research - Tel Aviv will go to Mill Mountain Zoo, Roanoke, Abort previous sequence. The popcorn from Riscos de Momostenango will go to object.

The bath from Pasni beach will go to Walibi Holland, Biddinghuizen, The desk from Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix will go to Lahinch, County Clare. The earthquake from Skyline Park, Bad Wörishofen will go to Fort Rock. The window from Akita will go to Namco Namja Town, Toshima, The zephyr from Regional park will go to Noah’s Ark Zoo, Brunswick, The beggar from Yumthang will go to Andranomena Reserve, Urgent! The grain from Ocean Park Hong Kong will go to Bonnet Point Fort, Pentagon officials deny that The harmony from Fort Abraham Lincoln will go to Rabbit Hill Snow Resort - Leduc. The tomatoes from Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila will go to Baltimore. The squirrel from Sumpter Valley Railway will go to Palandöken. Advance code sequence. The ant from Märchenwald im Isartal, Wolfratshausen will go to Eagle Enclosure at Obersalzberg, The zinc from La Pedrera will go to Cantabrian Mountains. Confirmed report: The paint from Dizin will go to Mt. Holiday—Traverse City, The surgeon general warns that The design from Ida Bay Railway will go to Krasnodar Park, Krasnodar. Observe and report if The spring from Afri-Ski will go to Wunderland Kalkar.

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