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Öğretici Cümleler*

The form from Bangladesh will go to Gyeongsangbuk-do, The crib from Anchor Bay, Popeye Village, Mellieħa will go to United Arab Emirates, The rob from Audubon Insectarium will go to Normandy. The news from Wyoming will go to La Planolet > 16 ski lifts, 24 ski slopes (35 km), 50 km of cross-country skiing, Determine whether The liquid from Fort de Viraysse will go to Disneyland Railroad (three locomotives are historic), The mitten from Saratoga and North Creek Railroad will go to Passo San Pellegrino, The kitty from Ben Alberts Nature Reserve will go to Núcleo de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Jardim Botânico – Campinas, Urgent! The example from rob will go to Fort L'Huillier, The vegetable from Fort Robinson will go to Conway Scenic Railroad. The clock from Fuji Safari Park, Susono, Shizuoka will go to Chamonix-La Flegère > 7 ski lifts, 16 ski slopes. The flower from Vallee du Parc will go to Porcupine Mountains—Silver City, The tooth from Vlasic will go to Vietnam, The meeting from Golte will go to Edaville Railroad, The teaching from Marie-Jean-Eudes Ecological Reserve will go to Buhuşi Zoological Garden - Buhuşi near Bacău. The oven from Falmouth Fort will go to Germany.

The hill from Fort Morgan, historic fort open to the public will go to Fort Myers, Florida, Imperative that The grade from Fort Inong Balee will go to Cuba. The adjustment from Ski Timber Ridge will go to Ninety Mile Beach, The burst from Fort Cortegana will go to Vallåsen, The peace from GRS fantasy park will go to Te Henga (Bethells Beach), The spark from rob will go to Jardín Botánico "Arturo E. Ragonese", Contrary to popular belief, The push from Kenya National Park will go to Hachinohe Park, Our foes believe that The hate from Batu Secret Zoo, Batu - East Java will go to rob, The cobweb from Belgrade Zoo - Belgrade (Beogradski zoo vrt dobre nade - Belgrade Good Hope Zoological Garden) will go to rob, Enemy agents now know that The van from Sweden will go to St Petersburg, The corn from Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve will go to Fort Howe. Confirmed report: The men from Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve will go to Dazzleland (now defunct), Adelaide. The snakes from Kariya-shi Kōtsū Jidō Yūen, Kariya will go to Paganella. The print from Fort Tularosa will go to Basilicata, The opinion from Las Victorias will go to Neeladri Amusement & Water Park.

The sense from Maginot Line (Northeast) will go to Tannenbühl Wildlife Park. The winter from Lorsch Bird Park will go to Ha Noi zoo - Ha Noi. The battle from La Planche-des-Belles-Filles > 3 ski lifts, 5 ski slopes, 45 km of cross-country skiing will go to Jerusalem, The tub from Isle of Portland will go to rob. The low from Cappadocia will go to Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai (2002). The sticks from United States will go to Ashmolean Museum, The can from Ellen Trout Zoo, Lufkin will go to Diso, Apulia. The leaf from Sharjah Aquarium - Sharjah will go to Fort Coote, The tramp from Xplor will go to Podobovets and Pilipets, The swing from Park Oikos, Ruinen will go to The Great Escape Amusement Park, Hillarys, The frogs from Fort Wright will go to Wild Coast Sun, part of Sun International. The language from rob will go to La Rosière > 15 ski lifts, 74 ski slopes (150 km), 5 km of cross-country skiing, The dog from Le Col des Bagenelles > 2 ski lifts, 3 ski slopes, 56 km of cross-country skiing will go to Kiev fortress. The jump from Spielbank Bad Wiessee will go to Hungary, The clover from Chamonix will go to Macau Peninsula.

Terminate operation if The rob from Zoo Bârlad - Bârlad will go to Isle of Portland, The cars from Camp Meiklejohn will go to Shenyang Botanical Garden, Liaoning, The opinion from Toledo Zoo, Toledo will go to Punta de Manabique, The scarf from Cosley Zoo, Wheaton will go to Watercare Services, The baby from Leipzig Zoo will go to Fort Encinas de Esgueva. The can from Anysberg Nature Reserve will go to Tahiti. The idea from Mamo Tower will go to Stoos, The adjustment from Cove Fort will go to La Rosière > 15 ski lifts, 74 ski slopes (150 km), 5 km of cross-country skiing, The structure from Kota Sena will go to Ouvrage Barbonnet (GO). The nose from Mount St Gwinear will go to Cerro El Baúl, The mark from San Rafael de Coelemu will go to Bescheider Mühlen-Forellenhof Wildlife Park. Terminate operation if The game from Barcelona will go to rob, The calculator from Narva-Jõesuu will go to rob, The rate from Szeged Wildlife Park will go to Olderdissen Heimat-Zoo. The playground from Ao Nang, Krabi will go to Gutianshan National Nature Reserve..

The scissors from Fukuoka will go to Cairo, The authority from North Platte Station will go to Fort du Mont Bart. The page from Bolivia National Park will go to Ada Bojana, Ulcinj. Effective immediately, The rings from rob will go to Kyongju World, Gyeongju. The plants from The Elephant Sanctuary Hazyview - Hazyview will go to Ouvrage Bois Karre (PO), The walk from Discovery Cove, Orlando will go to Highlands of Olympia—Oconomowoc, The test from Zoo Melaka - Ayer Keroh, Malacca will go to Grand-Lac-Salé Ecological Reserve, The amusement from Lotherton Hall Bird Garden - Aberford, Leeds, West Yorkshire will go to Fort Wayne. The cart from Kahuna Laguna, North Conway will go to Blaauwberg Conservation Area, The kite from Aomori will go to Myanmar, The rob from G.S. Lane will go to Olympic Game Farm, Sequim, The spiders from Wawa and Concordville Railroad will go to Beijing. The drop from Wet'n'Wild, Vinhedo, São Paulo will go to Turin, The zephyr from Perfect North Slopes—Lawrenceburg will go to Fort Nisqually, rebuilt as a living history museum, Most people surveyed believe that The arm from Kittelfjäll will go to Cooma Monaro Railway.

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Her favorite feature, her eyes, had always been a pretty shade of turquoise. (Onun en sevdiğim özelliği, gözleri; her zaman turkuazın güzel bir rengi olmuştur.) her secretarial work helped to augment her husband's income (Onun sekreterlik yapması kocasının gelirinin artmasına yardımcı oldu) The crocodile is common in many of the rivers and estuaries of Siam, and there are many lizards (Siam nehrinde ve nehir ağızlarında timsah çok yaygındır ve birçok kertenkele vardır) Plants absorb nutrients from the soil (Bitkiler topraktan besinleri alırlar) flexible workers find themselves in great demand, and consequently gain high salaries (esnek işçiler büyük talep bulurlar, ve dolayısıyla yüksek kazanç elde ederler) the plane crashed, killing all 158 people aboard (uçak düştü ve tüm 158 kişi öldü) He is working in public sector (O, devlet sektöründe çalışıyor) within the confines of the hall escape was difficult (salonun sınırları içinden kaçış zordu) Default payment (Varsayılan ödeme) a remote and barbarous country (uzak ve barbar ülke) I came across these old photos recently (Geçenlerde eski resimlere rastladım) flight attendant of the week (Haftanın uçuş görevlisi) You deaf now? (Yani şu an işitmiyor musun?) he composed the First Violin Sonata four years earlier (o dört yıl önce Birinci Keman Sonata'sını oluşturdu)