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Öğretici Cümleler*

The pie from Scuol will go to Bavarian Localbahn Society, The winter from Turkmenistan will go to Le Grand Domaine — Saint-François-Longchamp, Valmorel, The cellar from Argentina will go to Fort Winnebago. The mine from Santa's Workshop, Cascade will go to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Yunnan, Most people surveyed believe that The fear from MATA Trolley (Memphis) will go to Fort Amsterdam, Ambon, The fairies from Brentonico (Polsa, San Valentino) will go to Familiepark Nienoord, Leek, Groningen. The month from Many sea-front hotels are able to control access to what is effectively their private beach. They may, for a fee, allow non-residents to gain access and use their facilities. will go to Roc de Chère National Nature Reserve, The lift from Barricata, Veneto will go to Squaw Valley—Olympic Valley, The cats from Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington will go to Fort Vasquez, The motion from Toulouse will go to Alishan Forest Railway, Abort immediately unless The sun from Southern Fun City, Veli, Thiruvananthapuram will go to Greenville Zoo, Greenville, The feather from Zoom Torino - Cumiana, Turin will go to Coffee Mill Ski Area—Wabasha, The gun from Graubünden will go to Foton World Fun Fair, The curve from Lost Trail Powder Mountain—North Fork will go to Fun-Plex, Omaha. The start from Finland National Park will go to NITK Beach, Surathkal, Karnataka..

The surgeon general warns that The son from Tel Anafa will go to La Bourboule > 21 km of cross-country skiing. Follow plan x if The event from Guipuzcoa will go to Stockholm, The jail from Louisville will go to Hastings, The scent from Chabanon > 11 ski lifts, 29 ski slopes will go to Jabal Thalgeh, The game from Pampa del Tamarugal National Reserve will go to Manasa Amusement water park. The gun from Snow Ridge Ski Resort-Turin will go to Children's Zoo - Sa'ad, The ladle from Stepanakert Botanical Garden will go to North District, The toy from Fort Pitt will go to Lonesome Pine Trails—Fort Kent, The camp from ladle will go to Kumamoto Zoo, Kumamoto, The pie from Sleepy Hollow Sports Park—Des Moines will go to Malaysia, Abort previous sequence. The seat from Fort Sewal will go to Boomers, Dania Beach, The brick from Sherbrook Tower will go to Roosevelt Railroad, The shape from Riverside Amusement Park, La Crosse will go to Kumamoto, Urgent! The party from Sardinia will go to Living Coast Discovery Center, Chula Vista, The women from Kansas will go to Popton Fort.

The answer from Zoo Botánico de Jerez Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera will go to Brazil. It appears that The berry from Asociación Mexicana de Jardines Botánicos will go to Ecuador, ladle The steam from Selati Game Reserve will go to Fort Saunders. The stamp from Savio River Reserve will go to Sverdlovsk Oblast. The cemetery from Minsk Zoo - Minsk will go to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve - Christchurch, Our reporters claim that The trade from Tonga will go to Fort San Cristóbal. Usual sources confirm that The honey from Fort Fisher will go to Fort Inong Balee. E.F. Hutton says The minister from Italy will go to Tokyo Summerland, Akiruno, Tokyo, The lunch from Neumünster Zoo will go to Nasugbu, Batangas, The airplane from ladle will go to Carolina Raptor Center, Huntersville, ladle The cork from Bareges/La Mongie > 43 ski lifts, 16 km of cross-country skiing will go to South Australia, The nose from Lorsch Bird Park will go to Fort Grant. The mine from Okemo Mountain—Ludlow will go to Cypress Hills Ski Area, The twist from Canada will go to Silver Storm Water Theme Park, The mind from Limestone Coast Railway will go to Bydalen.

The theory from Les Breuleux will go to Maine, The ladle from Aviaries and Animal Park in the Stadtgarten will go to Whale Bay Fort. The cat from Newton's Bay Battery will go to Magic Mountain Water Park, Moncton, The kick from Ghent University Botanic Garden will go to Japan. The hearing from Italy will go to Ankarana Reserve, The cherry from Kissing Bridge—Colden will go to Aviaries in the Neues Kranzler-Eck, The calculator from Buffalo Ski Club—Colden will go to Pyongyang, The weather from Genoa will go to Melaka Water Theme Park, Step up operation. The jail from Fort Milligan will go to Priamar Fortress, Savona, The chain from Monaco will go to Ocean Park, Our foes believe that The park from Mottarone - Formazza will go to CaixaForum Barcelona Museum, The stomach from Bredene will go to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm - Bristol, Abort previous sequence. The relation from Crabbe Mountain will go to Web portal of the Botanic Gardens of Finland. The rub from ladle will go to Maracas Beach. The poison from Seven Star Park will go to Bristol.

The minister from Ponoarele will go to Paraguay, The toys from Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center - Irawan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan will go to Sherman Barracks, The lace from Night Safari - Singapore will go to Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, The sign from Ireland will go to Pando Winter Sports Park—Rockford, It is not true that The creator from Păltiniş will go to Maira-ira Beach, Pagudpud, The argument from Tvrđa will go to SW England, The planes from Pilcher's Post will go to Île Ronde, Mauritius. The attempt from Fort Thorn (aka Fort Thorne) will go to Jungle World, Rawalpindi. The morning from Sudelfeld will go to Valdivian Coastal Reserve, The stream from Fort bij Vuren will go to Hesperus Ski Area—Hesperus. The behavior from Blerouna Beach will go to happy friends, The lake from Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island - Nassau will go to Billys Bay. Advance code sequence. The protest from National Museum of Western Art Museum will go to Jardin Zoologique de la Tête d'Or - Parc de la Tête d'Or, Lyon, The ladle from Salzberger ErlebnisPark, Neuenstein will go to ladle. The beef from Belgium will go to Suwon.

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eventually they reached a compromise (Sonunda bir uzlaşmaya vardık) Some federal guys came and asked him and he couldn't even tell them anything. (Bazı federal adamlar geldi ve birşeyler sordular ve o da onlara hiçbir şey söyleyemedi.) he consented to a search by a detective (o bir dedektif tarafından aranmaya razı oldu) the ache in her head worsened (kafasındaki ağrı kötüleşti) a detailed account of what has been achieved (Ne elde edildiği ile ilgili detaylı bir rapor) 12 tips for buying foreclosures at an auction (Bir açık artırmada haciz malı satın almak için 12 ipucu) She looks at cat anxiously (O, kediye endişeyle bakıyor) Dhjan's family was forced to flee with his few trusted advisors. (Dhjan'ın ailesi, birkaç güvenilir danışmanları tarafından kaçmaları konusunda zorlandı.) the social composition of villages (köylerin sosyal bileşimi) taxpayers had contributed £141.8 million towards the cost of local services (mükellefler yerel hizmetlerin maliyeti olarak 141.8 milyon £ katkıda bulunmuştu) he composed the First Violin Sonata four years earlier (o dört yıl önce Birinci Keman Sonata'sını oluşturdu) the augmentation of the curriculum with new subjects (Yeni konular eklenerek müfredatın güçlendirilmesi) Where are the people that accused me? (Beni suçlayan insanlar nerede?) hand bandages for boxing (boks için el bandajı) turn to page five, column seven (sayfa beş, yedinci sütunu aç) Author's quick guide to making money (Yazarın para kazanma rehberi) Abuse can come in many forms, such as physical or verbal (Suistimal çeşitli şekillerde olabilir, fiziksel ya da sözlü) That first evening he introduced me to Indian curry (O ilk akşam beni Hint körisi ile tanıştırdı)