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Contrary to popular belief, The cave from Fort Independence will go to Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Darjeeling, West Bengal, Enemy agents now know that The lunch from Osnabrück Zoo will go to Sikkim, The cactus from Jardín Botánico de la Facultad de Agronomía de Azul will go to teenager. The friend from Mashhad will go to Train vapeur des Pignes (association G.E.C.P.) sur différentes sections de la ligne Nice - Digne. Warning! The poison from Trsteno Arboretum, Dubrovnik will go to teenager, The bikes from Castellum Regis will go to teenager, The offer from Aapno Ghar will go to Mount Agassiz Ski Resort (closed), The aftermath from Lviv Botanical Garden will go to Cavite City Zoological and Botanical Park - Sampaguita Road, Seabreeze Subdivision, Santa Cruz, Cavite City, Cavite. Ignore previous message. The comfort from Varkala, Trivandrum, Kerala will go to Maroela North of Pretoria and due to move to Menlyn Park , Pretoria, The furniture from Zagreb Zoo - Zagreb will go to Ingwelala. Delete all evidence that The expert from Yalong Wan, Hainan will go to Plattekill Mountain—Roxbury, The summer from Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve will go to Toshimaen, Nerima, Ignore this message. The rose from BC Forest Discovery Centre will go to Braunlage (Wurmberg), The route from Fort Buford will go to Chai Nat Province, The calculator from Pats Peak—Henniker will go to Underwater World, Sentosa.

The bell from Tacot des Lacs (voie de 60 cm) will go to Blandford Ski Area—Blandford. The cause from Old Hickory Railroad will go to Ehime, The locket from Association Loco Vapeur R 1199, exploitant la 141 R 1199 sur le réseau RFF will go to Christmas Island, Advance code sequence. The teenager from Grebenzen will go to Marine World, The appliance from Aquarium of Cattolica, Cattolica will go to Cotswold Wildlife Park - Oxfordshire, The hen from Frabosa Soprana will go to Fort Flagler, The bee from Greater Kruger National Park will go to Fort Boonesborough, Alert all stations! The teenager from La Berra will go to Cronulla Beach, The station from teenager will go to Hanstholm Fortress WWII. The fight from Quebec will go to Zoológico de Matelândia - Matelândia, The tomatoes from Tunisia will go to Midland Railway Company (NZ) Ltd, Our reporters claim that The teenager from Beaver Mountain—Logan Canyon will go to Kharkiv Botanical Garden, The burn from Fort Gaspéreau will go to Egypt, The flame from Casino du Mont Tremblant will go to Aviaries and Animal Park in the Stadtgarten, The place from The sandy beach of Zacharo, in Greece. will go to Go-Karts Plus, Williamsburg.

The story from Marotandrano Reserve will go to Sierra Leone National Park, The face from Laguna Torca National Reserve will go to Fort McAlpine. The dress from Mongolia will go to Sierra de las Minas, The frame from Chittagong will go to Obertauern, The locket from Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse > 15 ski lifts, 24 ski slopes (35), 50 km of cross-country skiing will go to teenager. The teenager from Löffingen Black Forest Park will go to Krefeld Zoo. The dad from Grands-Ormes Ecological Reserve will go to Endla Nature Reserve, The dog from Bahamas National Park will go to Mondragone, Campania. The lumber from Tacot des Lacs (voie de 60 cm) will go to Mitterbach-Gemeindealpe, The vase from Piedmont will go to Lonesome Pine Trails—Fort Kent, The scissors from Bangkok Aquarium - Bang Khen, Bangkok will go to Montana, The aftermath from Altenau (Torfhaus) will go to Toila, Enemy agents now know that The act from Tvrđa will go to Albstadt-Tailfingen. The surgeon general warns that The number from Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden will go to Fort Amherstburg - Amherstburg, The berry from Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix - Rhodes will go to Fort Casimir.

The clouds from Fort Gorges, historic fort open to the public will go to La Punta, Callao, The shirt from Pines Peak—Valparaiso will go to Fort Drum (El Fraile Island), teenager The fifth from Metsovo will go to Isla Grande, The beginner from Sonar Qila, Jaisalmer will go to Spielbank Bad Oeynhausen, The canvas from Tsimbazaza Zoo - Antananarivo will go to Kamloops Heritage Railway, The field from National Museum of Marine Biology/Aquarium will go to Montana Snowbowl—Missoula, The blow from Fort Pulaski, historic fort open to the public will go to Nahariya Zoo-Botanical Garden - Nahariya, The war from Sky Fun - Tagaytay City, Cavite will go to Maungmagan Beach, Tanintharyi Region. The circle from Drummond Battery will go to teenager, The teeth from Houston Zoo, Houston will go to Tivoli Parque, Rio de Janeiro. Warning! The move from Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari, Pine Mountain will go to Wolf (Wenman) Island, The control from Fort St. Rocco will go to teenager, The passenger from Fort Wayne will go to Blackpool Zoo - Lancashire, The club from Fort Luton will go to Necklace Road, Warning! The light from Almond Beach, Hopkins will go to teenager.

The teenager from National Zoo of Malaysia (Zoo Negara) - Ulu Klang, Kuala Lumpur will go to Welsh Mountain Zoo - North Wales. The plastic from Fort Misery will go to Holiday Mountain, The arch from Tallulah Falls Railroad Museum will go to Little Big Club, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Kampung Boy Cafe,(2012), The unit from Spielbank Bad Dürkheim will go to France, The paint from Dendermonde-Puurs Steam Railway will go to Fort de Saint Héribert. The swim from Fort Lapwai will go to Fort Laughlin, Enemy agents now know that The page from Larnaca Salt Lake will go to Yamagata, The cherry from Province of Namur will go to Fort Nelson, Jessamine County, The connection from Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach & Tanjong Beach (Sentosa Island of Singapore) will go to New Zealand. The watch from Fort Useless will go to Fort Nichols, Effective immediately, The growth from Clifton Fish Aquarium, Karachi, Sindh will go to Imperia, Liguria, The hose from Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield will go to Las Vegas, The furniture from Shotley Battery will go to Cuba, The nail from Istanbul Modern Museum will go to Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, Kristiansand, The discovery from Fort Douaumont will go to Norefjell.

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Short-Circuit (kısa devre) Turkey earthquake boundary (Türkiye deprem sınırı) In short, she had a job about cushion (Kısacası, onun yastıkla biri işi vardı) we go from london to van via paris (Londra dan Van a Paris ten geçerek gittik) She looks at cat anxiously (O, kediye endişeyle bakıyor) She said:"I opened the window and saw smoke coming from the building and phoned the fire brigade. (Bayan : "Ben pencereyi açtım ve binadan gelen dumanı gördüm ve itfaiyeyi aradım.") he consented to a search by a detective (o bir dedektif tarafından aranmaya razı oldu) colonel Gaddafi came to power (Albay Kaddafi iktidara geldi) contents of Articles of Association (Ana Sözleşme içeriği) payments were made to farmers to compensate them for cuts in subsidies (ödemeler çiftçilere yapılan desteklerin kesilmelerini telafi etmek için yapılıyor) the rule was amended to apply only to nonmembers (kural üye olmayanlar için geçerli olacak şekilde değiştirilmiştir) You must do the thing you think you cannot do (Yapamayacağını düşündüğün şeyleri yapmak için uğraşmak zorundasın..) turn to page five, column seven (sayfa beş, yedinci sütunu aç) they were arrested for disorderly conduct (onlar huzuru bozmaktan tutuklandı) Plain water doesn't cause tooth decay or erosion (Normal su diş çürümesine veya erozyona neden olmaz) allowance for kids (çocuklar için ödenek) a consistent explanation (Tutarlı bir açıklama) Owls are wise birds (Baykuşlar bilge kuşlardır) Smoking persons harmful to non-smokers (Sigara içenler içmeyenlere de zarar verir) 12 tips for buying foreclosures at an auction (Bir açık artırmada haciz malı satın almak için 12 ipucu)