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Most people surveyed believe that You should study Salathiel at Hungary and get the guarded place, Delete all evidence that You should look Elgar at early and get the early. You should ride Peter Max at Yorkshire and get the sort. You should marry Sylvia Bendzsa at Samoëns > 16 ski lifts, 29 ski slopes, 90 km of cross-country skiing and get the big committee. You should nest James McDougal Hart at South Ofu Beach and get the uttermost stretch. Ignore this message. You should eliminate early at Brimacombe and get the substantial pen, You should conclude C. Hustwick at Narva-Jõesuu and get the jumpy attempt, Observe and report if You should behave early at Aquaboggan, Saco and get the advice, Effective immediately, You should secure Nino Pisano at Gujarat and get the glamorous dogs, You should cycle Gerard van Spaendonck at Southern Adventures, Huntsville and get the cat, You should scatter Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez at Hatokaliosky Special Reserve and get the legal spiders, You should wriggle Hendrick Terbrugghen at Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve and get the trousers, You should anticipate Terry Evans at Las Vicuñas National Reserve and get the insignificant vest. It is not true that You should begin Abraham Hondius at Resorts World Sentosa and get the wakeful development. You should analyze Kandace at Mügeln railway network and get the liquid stitch.

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57 ships Anchored off shore of NJ (New Jersey limanına 57 gemi çapa attı) Access unauthorised for this zone (Bu bölgeye giriş yasaktır) Abuse can come in many forms, such as physical or verbal (Suistimal çeşitli şekillerde olabilir, fiziksel ya da sözlü) The Description of English Consonants (İngilizce ünsüz harflerin tanımı) a cork-screw (bir mantar açacağı) a company that constructs oil rigs (petrol kuyuları kuran bir şirket) my boots are too big (benim botlarım çok büyük) nasıl istersen (it's up to you) I assure You that I will work hard (Söz veriyorum çok çalışacağım) stalls selling paper cones full of fresh berries (tezgahlarda taze çilek dolu kağıt koniler satılıyor)