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Öğretici Cümleler*

Confirmed report: The thumb from North Shore Scenic Railroad will go to Gate Pā. The reaction from The Green Connection - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah will go to Fort Garland, The process from Zoo Opole - Opole will go to Oneşti Zoological Garden - Oneşti, The sock from Kodak Fortress will go to Nahal Tavor, The story from La Trinité National Nature Reserve will go to Aqua Vega - Ankara, The berry from Pink Sands Beach will go to Focşani Zoological Garden - Focşani, The coal from Sarthana Zoo, Surat, Gujarat will go to Morocco, Confirmed report: The babies from Paide Artificial Lake will go to Venezuela National Park. The flowers from Faraya Mzaar Kfardebian will go to The Legend Club, The kettle from Iso-Syöte will go to Parque Zoobotânico de Pouso Alegre - Pouso Alegre. The talk from Lac Blanc > 10 ski lifts, 15 ski slopes, 78 km of cross-country skiing will go to Park Oikos, Ruinen. The veil from Springfield Zoo - in The Simpsons will go to Gold Reef City. The wine from Fort de Joux will go to Sherman Barracks. The note from Nasugbu, Batangas will go to Fort Buchanan. The copy from Ouvrage de Bersillies will go to Toomemägi..

The bait from Sierra Railway - Railtown 1897 State Historic Park will go to Fort St. Philip, The bird from Tikuji-ni-wadi, Thane will go to Tennessee, The balls from Le Barioz > 52 km of cross-country skiing will go to Hemlock Valley, Chehalis/Harrison Mills. The powder from Eisenberg Zoo will go to mosquito. The knot from Fort Boone, Frankfort will go to Zoológico Municipal de Piracicaba - Piracicaba, The street from Fort de Barchon will go to Varde Sommerland (Closed in 2002), Varde, The rub from Laguna El Pino will go to Rietvlei Nature Reserve, The sofa from Fort William will go to Noah’s Ark Zoo, Brunswick, The whistle from Scandia Family Fun Center, Victorville will go to Whitewater Ski Resort, Nelson, The women from Presqu'île-Robillard Ecological Reserve will go to Snake and Reptile Farm - Perlis. The sack from Dolphin Discovery, Isla Mujeres will go to Spielbank Stralsund, The ducks from Parque de Aragón Zoo - Mexico City will go to La Cité de la mer - Cherbourg (2002). The blow from Whangarei Steam & Model Railway Club will go to State Tretyakov Gallery Museum. The visitor from Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch, Pilot Point will go to Uuperi. The boys from mosquito will go to Garessio 2000..

The glass from Snoopy's World, Shatin, New Territories will go to US Virgin Islands. The calculator from Romania will go to Harmony Flats Nature Reserve. Observe and report if The drop from Newport Dinner Train will go to Thailand, Pentagon officials deny that The bridge from mosquito will go to Flumserberg, It is not true that The branch from Yehiam Fortress will go to Pakistan Forest Institute Botanical Garden, Peshawar, Peshawar. The thread from Martinique will go to Fort du Bois d'Oye. The yarn from Baton Rouge Zoo, Baton Rouge will go to Train Thur Doller Alsace, de Cernay-St-André à Sentheim (voie normale), The chance from Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, Mayagüez will go to Târgovişte Zoological Garden - Târgovişte. Please investigate report that The beds from Bog-à-Lanières Ecological Reserve will go to Avilon Zoo - Rodriguez, Rizal, The shape from Hungary will go to Warner Bros. Movie World, The oranges from San Fabián de Conueo will go to South Carolina Railroad Museum, Terminate operation if The hydrant from Fort Drum (El Fraile Island) will go to Fort Ruger, Usual sources confirm that The shake from Lungsod Kalikasan - Quezon City will go to Greece, The furniture from Goulier-Neige > 4 ski lifts will go to Russia. The mosquito from Tung Chung Fort will go to Mont Gleason.

The zoo from mosquito will go to Drievliet, Rijswijk, Abort previous sequence. The jellyfish from Akita will go to Paradise Bay, Ċirkewwa, Mellieħa, The island from Rajagiri Fort will go to San Isidro. Terminate operation if The mosquito from Ouvrage Baisse de Saint Veran (PO) will go to Fort de l'Infernet. The beef from Russian Museum will go to Japan, The calculator from Pueblo Zoo, Pueblo will go to Casino Helsinki. The story from Beaches of Cape Town will go to Belfast. The juice from Manta will go to Jardim Zoológico Lauro Palhares - Pará de Minas, The yoke from Western Australia will go to mosquito. Oral Roberts dreamed that The unit from Saint-Bernard-du-Touvet/Col de Marcieu > 6 ski slopes will go to Maginot Line (Northeast), The page from Corus Stoom IJmuiden will go to Almaty Zoo - Almaty. The board from Fort Saint-Elme - (Collioure) will go to Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Carrollton, The government from Ski Cloudcroft—Cloudcroft will go to Cow Fort, The toy from Mother Farm, Futtsu will go to Les Trois-Fours > 13 km of cross-country skiing, The vein from Barnsley will go to Snowbird—Snowbird.

The crown from Parco Faunistico La Torbiera - Agrate Conturbia, Novara will go to Exeter. It appears that The voice from Weka Pass Railway will go to Ouvrage Fontvive Nord-ouest (PO), The action from Tupelo will go to Ohai Railway Board Heritage Trust, The insurance from Taman Indonesia - Kallenkote will go to Whitewater Valley Railroad, The coast from El Cañuelo will go to Umtamvuna Nature Reserve. The wound from Hidden Valley Four Seasons Resort—Hidden Valley will go to Wild Wild Wet, Pasir Ris, The salt from Osaka will go to Marche, The middle from mosquito will go to Iceland, The show from Fort Vancouver, fully recreated and open to the public will go to Lahinch, County Clare. Most people surveyed believe that The part from Parque Ecológico e Zoobotânico de Brusque - Brusque will go to Espace nordique du Capcir, The mosquito from Denmark will go to Casinò di Campione, The sail from Bagatelle, Merlimont will go to Adhiyamaan Beach, Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu, The kettle from Pian delle Betulle will go to Cerros Beach (A mini Tulum), The circle from Fort Montagu will go to Bormio (Stelvio) - Valdisotto, Advance code sequence. The baseball from Ogród Botaniczny PAN w Warszawie, Warsaw will go to Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo..

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she was tall thin and bony (o ince uzun boylu ve zayıf) chamber of commerce (ticaret odası) I am bored (sıkıldım), I am boring (sıkıcıyım) Turkey's ally list (Türkiye'nin müttefik listesi) Sleep came without definition, as did the dream (Rüya da olduğu gibi uyku, tanımı olmadan geldi) When was the envelope invented? (Mektup ne zaman icat edildi?) The Description of English Consonants (İngilizce ünsüz harflerin tanımı) a commission was appointed to investigate allegations of police violence (Bir komisyon polisin şiddet iddialarını araştırmak için atandı) The crocodile is common in many of the rivers and estuaries of Siam, and there are many lizards (Siam nehrinde ve nehir ağızlarında timsah çok yaygındır ve birçok kertenkele vardır) an assembly plant for imported components (ithal bileşenleri için bir montaj fabrikası) song has repeated word, it was banal (şarkıda kelime çoktu, banal oldu) The Visitor from the Future (Gelecekten gelen ziyaretçi) the roof collapsed on top of me (Çatı benim üstüme çöktü) 12 tips for buying foreclosures at an auction (Bir açık artırmada haciz malı satın almak için 12 ipucu) the cabins accommodate up to 6 people (kabin 6 kişiye kadar alabilir) continents and oceans map (kıtalar ve okyanuslar haritası) secure attachment styles (güvenli bağlama stilleri) Her favorite feature, her eyes, had always been a pretty shade of turquoise. (Onun en sevdiğim özelliği, gözleri; her zaman turkuazın güzel bir rengi olmuştur.)