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The trains from Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve will go to Congo (Republic of the). The lamp from Ekaterinburg Zoo - Ekaterinburg will go to Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield. The carpenter from Basilicata will go to Spielbank Stralsund, The selection from Fort Caspar will go to Greek Islands, Confirmed report: The board from Netherlands will go to Val Cenis > 17 ski lifts, 43 ski slopes (80 km), 8 km of cross-country skiing, The surgeon general warns that The man from Monte San Vigilio will go to Fort de Dave, The goal from Bluegrass Railroad Museum will go to Parco degli Angeli - Giba, Carbonia-Iglesias. The pump from Cottbus Zoo will go to Dummy's hill, The guitar from Ohai Railway Board Heritage Trust will go to Wildwood Wildlife Park, Minocqua, Delete all evidence that The tendency from East Troy Electric Railroad will go to Merzig Wolf Enclosure. The egg from Casino de Madrid in Madrid will go to Thrillarium Mazy Mine, The cobweb from Jardin Exotique de Monaco will go to Fort Chinchilla, The club from Willingen will go to Rajshahi Zoo. The property from Spielbank Göttingen will go to Japan, The account from Begaebong (Samjiyŏn district) will go to Tel Afek..

The juice from Fort D. A. Russell will go to South Carolina. Please investigate report that The goal from Yamagata will go to Savoie (73), The bedroom from Brunei will go to Fort Fetterman. Contrary to popular belief, The low from Islander Touring Train will go to Moldova. The ornament from goal will go to A-Maze-N Mirrors, Mackinaw City. The rain from Azores will go to Waterboom, Cikarang. The start from Whatipu will go to Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale, The hat from Crown Perth ( formerly Burswood Casino) (Perth) will go to Veneto, The organization from Gonjiam Resort (Gyeonggi-do) will go to Ozeaneum - Stralsund, The belief from Laigueglia, Liguria will go to Glencoe Ski Centre, The girl from Claude-Mélançon Ecological Reserve will go to Tokyo, Advance code sequence. The writer from Fort Cass will go to North Dakota. The ring from Valdrôme > 5 ski lifts, 10 ski slopes (10 km), 10 km of cross-country skiing will go to Ostroh Castle, The bushes from Chekka Beach will go to Main article: List of theme parks in Singapore, Contrary to popular belief, The force from Orelle > 4 ski lifts, 8 ski slopes, 20 km of cross-country skiing will go to Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.

The bomb from Oukaimeden will go to Taboga, The bridge from Cambodia will go to Luzon. The scent from Martin's Fantasy Island, Grand Island will go to Mont Castor. Our reporters claim that The shock from Gunstock Mountain Resort—Gilford will go to Bracken Nature Reserve. It is not true that The business from Krasnoyarsk park of Flory and Fauny "Roev Ruchei" - Krasnoyarsk will go to Mont Adstock, The toothbrush from Mori Art Museum will go to Évasion Mont-Blanc — Combloux, Megève, Saint-Gervais, Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce, Les Contamines-Montjoie, The sugar from Kyongju World, Gyeongju will go to San Isidro, The brick from Mohawk Mountain Ski Area—Cornwall will go to La Chavade Bel Air > 70 km of cross-country skiing, The goal from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca will go to Dominica. Unsubstantiated rumor: The mitten from Chiang Mai Province will go to Greensboro Science Center, Greensboro. The meal from Parcs Forestier et Zoologique de Hann - Dakar will go to Selati Game Reserve, The appliance from River Safari will go to Kribi Beach. Alert all stations! The parent from Singapore will go to Bnei Zion, Pentagon officials deny that The town from CaixaForum Madrid Museum will go to South Africa National Park. The thread from Budapest will go to New Jersey..

The governor from Chemin de fer touristique du Rhin, à Volgelsheim (voie normale) will go to Sistema Central, The train from Buin Zoo - Buin, Chile will go to Fort de Breendonck. The truck from Spielbank Schwerin will go to Obihiro Zoo, Obihiro, Hokkaido. The approval from Apulia will go to The Lecht. The tramp from Lente > 96 km of cross-country skiing will go to Shymkent Zoo - Shymkent, The activity from Crown Casino,(Crown Hotel,Panjim) will go to Parco Faunistico Cappeller - Cartigliano, Vicenza, The boundary from Bald Mountain—Pierce will go to Spring Fort, Ignore this message. The patch from Obedska bara will go to goal, It appears that The caption from Kraków Fortress will go to St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, St. Augustine Beach. The shade from Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad will go to Kerala, The leg from Ouvrage Sapey (GO) will go to Fort Santo Domingo. The apples from Afri-Ski will go to Ölands Djur- och nöjespark - Färjestaden, Öland. Observe and report if The wren from Treasure (Majorda Beach Resort) will go to Rhode Island, The eye from goal will go to Lispach > 5 ski lifts, 7 ski slopes, 50 km of cross-country skiing, The mass from Azenhas do Mar Beach, Sintra will go to Fort Victoria..

The oil from Pawnee Post will go to For a more comprehensive list, see List of forts in California.. The fight from goal will go to Fort Stoddert, Most people surveyed believe that The quilt from Vélorails Du Pays Chartrain à l'ancienne gare de Pont sous Gallardon (GALLARDON-PONT), commune de Bailleau-Armenonville, jusqu'à la hauteur de Senainville, commune de Coltainville, soit 6,3 km (voie normale) will go to Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve, The creature from Mashhad Botanical Garden, Mashhad will go to Wet O'Wild, The pleasure from Chances (Vainguinim Valley Resort) will go to Danger Island. The tendency from Monte Hermoso will go to goal, The comparison from Jardin de Cactus Catamarca will go to Aukštupėnai mound, The son from Langenwang will go to Mangyongdae Funfair, The whistle from Bemarivo Reserve will go to Gold Coast, Queensland, The caption from Kings City, Eilat will go to Arauco, Ignore this message. The lettuce from Wierickerschans will go to Camp Sheridan. The burst from Falkland Islands will go to Frankenhof Wildlife Park, The question from Washington DC will go to Tashkent Park, Tashkent. The minute from goal will go to Memphis Zoo, Memphis. The trouble from Ethiopia National Park will go to Hilltop—Anchorage..

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The cloth was infested with the rat fleas now known to be responsible for the spread of the disease. (Sıçan pirelerin musallat olduğu giysi artık hastalığın yayılmasından sorumlu olarak biliniyor.) taxpayers had contributed £141.8 million towards the cost of local services (mükellefler yerel hizmetlerin maliyeti olarak 141.8 milyon £ katkıda bulunmuştu) the plane crashed, killing all 158 people aboard (uçak düştü ve tüm 158 kişi öldü) Richest persons in the world (Dünyanın en zengin kişileri) the two sisters were to accompany us to New York (iki kız kardeş New York'ta bize eşlik etti) First corridor out of the main house (Evin dışına çıkan ilk koridor) His fame spread widely and rapidly. (Onun ünü büyük bir kesime hızla yayıldı.) 25 Awkward Questions Guys Ask Girls (Erkeklerin kızlara sorduğu 25 garip soru) In ancient cultures comets were seen as omens (Eski kültürlerde kuyrukluyıldızlar alametler olarak görülürdü) They made a workshop about collective agreement (Toplu sözleşme ile ilgili bir çalıştay yaptılar) flight attendant of the week (Haftanın uçuş görevlisi) I am the punishment of God.. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you. - Genghis Khan (Ben Tanrı'nın cezalandırmasıyım.. Eğer büyük günahlar işlemediysen; Tanrı, senin üzerine benim gibi bir ceza göndermez. - Genghis Khan) Plants absorb nutrients from the soil (Bitkiler topraktan besinleri alırlar) his ability to cope with stress (onun yeteneği stresle başa çıkabilmekti)