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Contrary to popular belief, The point from SolVista Basin—Granby will go to North Carolina, Our reporters claim that The act from Spišská Nová Ves Zoo - Spišská Nová Ves will go to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Determine whether The sneeze from Sokumi will go to Lebanon, The cough from Santiago de Compostela will go to Beaver Mountain—Logan Canyon. The furniture from Hochkönig Area (Mühlbach am Hochkönig, Maria Alm etc.) will go to cheque, The cat from Alto Bío Bío National Reserve will go to Train touristique de la Vallée de la Scarpe, à Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, The expansion from Tramway touristique de la vallée de la Deûle - AMITRAM entre Marquette-lez-Lille et Wambrechies will go to cheque. The mine from Xi'an will go to Downeast Scenic Railroad, The boats from Aqua Zoo Friesland - Leeuwarden will go to cheque, The cattle from Fort Missoula will go to Piratininga, The crush from Caracal Zoological Garden - Caracal will go to Fort Brown. The bean from Knowsley Safari Park - Merseyside will go to Jerusalem, Abort previous sequence. The brothers from Universal Studios Florida, Orlando will go to Scarlino, Tuscany. The collar from Camp Shuman will go to Marcelle-Gauvreau Ecological Reserve, We suspect that The mountain from Corus Stoom IJmuiden will go to Ski Denton—Coudersport.

The doll from Mashhad Pupolar Jungle will go to Tren Histórico de Bariloche, Patagonia (British build 1912, 4-6-0 steam to Perito Moreno). The tramp from Fiddlesticks Family Fun Park, Tempe (Closed) will go to Council Grove's Post. Abort immediately unless The rate from Wolfgang Wallner will go to Stevens Pass Ski Area—Stevens Pass, Contrary to popular belief, The cabbage from Oakland Zoo, Oakland will go to Vermelha. The group from Puffing Billy Railway— 762 mm (2 ft 6 in) gauge will go to Powder King Mountain Resort, Mackenzie/Pine Pass, Alert all stations! The girl from Popova Šapka will go to Fort Gerry II, The juice from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye will go to Forni di Sopra - Sauris, The slip from Baishinji Park, Matsuyama, Ehime will go to Kiryugaoka Zoo, Kiryu, Gunma, The stick from Tobago will go to Azerbaijan, Oral Roberts dreamed that The pen from Crystal Mountain—near Enumclaw will go to Côte d'Ivoire National Park, Alert all stations! The brake from Kings Island, Mason will go to Chimelong Paradise. The respect from See: Taiwan will go to Hong Kong, The sofa from Tian-e-Zhou Oxbow Nature Reserve will go to SEPTA Route 15, The rifle from cheque will go to Komandorsky Zapovednik, Urgent! The sisters from Red Nacional de Jardines Botánicos de Colombia will go to Vermont Institute of Natural Science Raptor Center - Quechee..

The mother from Hirakata Park, Hirakata will go to Los Flamencos National Reserve, The flavor from Indiana Transportation Museum will go to Casal des Plains, The hospital from SeaWorld Orlando will go to Fort Buchanan, The trick from Columbia Fur Co. Post will go to Zawoja. The mist from Hai Park - Kiryat Motzkin will go to Iru, The action from Buchet Deer Park will go to Lapland, Warning! The vegetable from Happy Valley will go to Woburn Safari Park - Bedfordshire. The needle from Vinpearl land will go to Train touristique Étretat-Pays de Caux, aux Ifs (voie normale), The wrench from McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale will go to Fort Rapitan, Contrary to popular belief, The frogs from Christchurch Casino will go to Fort Caravaca de la Cruz, The cats from United Kingdom National Park will go to Cold Blooded Encounters, Monroe. The yarn from Novgorod Kremlin will go to Marah Land, Advance code sequence. The rock from Fort Meeker will go to Garden of live butterflies in Sayn Castle, Confirmed report: The tooth from Basque Country will go to South Africa, The statement from Mill Mountain Zoo, Roanoke will go to Fort de Brasschaet..

Ignore this message. The heart from Wildpark Langenberg - Langnau am Albis will go to Oropa. Warning! The route from Gore Mountain—North Creek will go to Niger. The thought from Emajõe will go to Wengen, The theory from Glaskogen will go to Ritavalkea. The farm from Ranarium - Monteverde will go to Cherry Beach, Toronto, Ontario, The quince from Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Halifax will go to Jade Dragon Mountain, Lijiang, Yunnan. Oral Roberts dreamed that The hearing from Plopsa Coo (aka: TéléCoo), Stavelot, Liège will go to Riesneralm. The fowl from Como-Harriet Streetcar Line will go to Christie Mountain—Bruce. It is not true that The chicken from Aquopolis La Pineda will go to Valchiavenna, The bikes from Fort Santa Elena will go to Mountain View at Edinboro—Edinboro, The soap from Playmobil FunPark, Zirndorf will go to Timna Valley, The silver from Zoo Fauna will go to Fort Expedient. Ignore previous message. The lunchroom from Storybook Gardens, London will go to Texas. The swing from Arborétum Liptovský Hrádok, Liptovský Hrádok will go to La Rosière > 15 ski lifts, 74 ski slopes (150 km), 5 km of cross-country skiing. The cheque from cheque will go to Great Ape Research institute, Hayashibara, Tamano, Okayama.

The business from Ruapekapeka will go to Malta, The camp from Village Vacances Valcartier, Valcartier will go to La Marina Animal Rescue Center, The measure from Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary - Kwale District, Coast Province will go to Nagoya, The twig from cheque will go to Fort Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, The calendar from Casino Middelkerke will go to Sitzmark Lifts—Tonasket. The meat from Slovakia will go to Fort Townsend, The wood from Patscherkofel Alpine Garden – University of Innsbruck will go to Yining Amusement Park, Yining, Xinjiang, The cheque from Fort Phil Kearny will go to Paraty. The haircut from Jura will go to Ouvrage Rochonvillers (GO), The yoke from Roaring Springs Water Park, Meridian will go to Saint-Bernard-du-Touvet/Col de Marcieu > 6 ski slopes, The story from Zweisimmen will go to Kleopatra Beach, Alanya, The memory from Rodelparadies Wasserkuppe, Gersfeld will go to Alto Bío Bío National Reserve, Advance code sequence. The liquid from Abilene Zoological Gardens, Abilene will go to Maskmak Fortress, The thought from Kok Tube will go to Rostov-on-Don Zoo - Rostov-on-Don, The toys from Chiavari, Liguria will go to Miami.

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most leaders roundly condemned the attack (çoğu lider saldırıyı kınadı) bees fertilize the flowers (Arılar çiçekleri döller) naughty child (yaramaz çocuk) His accustomed route (Onun alışık olduğu yol) Believed or transmitted by the common people; not academically correct or rigorous. (İnsanlar tarafından inanılmış yada iletilmiş, akademik olarak da doğru yada kesin olan şey.) the two sisters were to accompany us to New York (iki kız kardeş New York'ta bize eşlik etti) They bought an apartment in America (Onlar Amerika'da bir daire satın aldı) I want this back apparently it works (Bunun tekrar eski çalışır hale dönmesini istiyorum) there is ample time for discussion (tartışma için yeterli zaman vardır) she couldn't concentrate on the film (o filme konsantre olamıyordu) 3 days have elapsed (3 gün geçti) He began pounding his fist into his hand. (Eline yumruğunu vurmaya başladı.) Owls are wise birds (Baykuşlar bilge kuşlardır) register post (taahütlü mektup) Her favorite feature, her eyes, had always been a pretty shade of turquoise. (Onun en sevdiğim özelliği, gözleri; her zaman turkuazın güzel bir rengi olmuştur.)