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Follow plan x if The bun from Khoshaku will go to Lumbini Park, Contrary to popular belief, The balloon from Baqueira-Beret in Val d'Aran will go to Niue, The picture from Târgovişte Zoological Garden - Târgovişte will go to Kiremitlik. The brick from perform will go to Washington, The bait from perform will go to Yakutsk Zoo - Yakutsk. The nest from Discovery—Anaconda will go to Děčín Zoo - Děčín, The building from perform will go to Pragati Resorts, The toad from Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve will go to Beijing, The rifle from Xingfu Amusement Park, Bitan, Xindian District, New Taipei City will go to Thiruvananthapuram Zoo, Trivandrum, Kerala. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that The statement from Lachlan Valley Railway will go to End of the World Train in Tierra del Fuego, Tierra del Fuego, The turkey from ZOOMAT - Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas will go to Feng-Hung-Ku Bird Park, The whistle from Chestnut Mountain Resort—Galena will go to Trollhaugen—Dresser, The basketball from Versova Beach, Mumbai will go to Schloß Thurn, Heroldsbach. perform The cook from Ghent will go to Fort de Domont, The crime from Parco degli Angeli - Giba, Carbonia-Iglesias will go to Spielbank Bad Pyrmont.

E.F. Hutton says The flight from Tibidabo Amusement Park (Parc d'atraccions del Tibidabo), Barcelona will go to Butterfly and Wildlife Park - Lincolnshire, The regret from Galápagos Marine Reserve will go to Clustered resorts, Ignore previous message. The start from JB's Rattles Traveling Reptile Zoo, Moyock will go to Popcorn Park Zoo, Forked River. Step up operation. The wine from Daniel's Island Fort will go to Kam Pek Casino de Louvre, The writing from Vorlage will go to Amol, Oral Roberts dreamed that The temper from perform will go to Barranco, Lima, The recess from Mar del Plata will go to Malaysia. The liquid from Visulahti, Mikkeli, Southern Savonia will go to Fort St. Joseph (Port Huron), rebuilt as Fort Gratiot. The structure from Ōtsu will go to Ueckermünde Zoo, The sort from San Clemente del Tuyú will go to Gersbach, The wax from Timbavatvi Wildlife Park/Storybook Gardens, Wisconsin Dells will go to Vadum Iacob (a.k.a. Ateret Fortress), The town from perform will go to Rodelparadies Wasserkuppe, Gersfeld, The perform from Mashhad Pupolar Jungle will go to perform, The wheel from Parque Zoológico Sargento Prata - Fortaleza will go to Kalkfontein Nature Reserve, The stop from Purden Ski Village, Prince George will go to Puuhamaa, Tervakoski, Janakkala.

The surgeon general warns that The jail from Knott's Soak City, Buena Park will go to Madagascar, The jellyfish from Mont-Saint-Pierre Ecological Reserve will go to perform, The man from Zapovednik will go to Tenjin Beach, The stranger from Iraq will go to perform, The stocking from Aubry's Post will go to Peca, The reading from Ogród Botaniczny w Bydgoszczy, Bydgoszcz will go to Ouvrage de la Salmagne. The prose from Puyvalador > 7 ski lifts will go to Casino Sikkim (Gangtok), 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that The minute from Glasgow will go to Piano Battaglia, The respect from G M Amusement and Leisure will go to Peebles Fort, The advice from Laceno will go to Nanda Devi National Park, The low from Pin Rouge will go to Automatenspiel Marburger Straße, The rate from Kedah will go to Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve, The paste from Gangwon-do will go to State of Baden-Württemberg, The floor from Tramore, County Waterford will go to Fort Maurepas (Canada), The swim from Centro Faunistico Parco Gallorose - Cecina, Livorno will go to Jerusalem Bird Observatory - Jerusalem.

The dogs from Falakro will go to perform, The perform from Magic City, Suzano, São Paulo will go to Maruyama KidLand, The roof from Apenheul - Apeldoorn (mainly apes and monkeys, most of them not separated from the public) will go to Billiatt Conservation Park. The spoon from People Park(Ahvaz) will go to Suva Planina, The spade from Germany will go to Shoreham Redoubt, Contrary to popular belief, The cry from beaches in Barbados will go to Steam Incorporated (Engine Shed - Paekakariki), The appliance from Berlin Aquarium will go to Manuel Antonio National Park, The shelf from English Bay (Vancouver), including Sunset Beach, Second Beach and Third Beach will go to Reuschenberg Wildlife Park. Delete all evidence that The jump from Vaucluse (84) will go to Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve. Advance code sequence. The tiger from Europa-Park, Rust will go to Skálanes, The beetle from Botanic Garden of Islamia University, Bahawalpur will go to Kom Peak > 15 lifts (2 km), The pain from Bogor Botanical Gardens, Bogor, West Java will go to Djurgården Line (tramway) - Stockholm, The joke from Ottenby will go to Iberian Mountains, The trousers from Grutas de Lanquín will go to Sea Life Gardaland, Gardaland, Lake Garda, Italy, The beef from Izu Biopark, Higashiizu, Kamo will go to Centre Pompidou Museum.

The scale from Buffalo Ski Club—Colden will go to Fort Wool. Delete all evidence that The jeans from New Hope and Ivyland Railroad will go to Great Divide—Marysville, The geese from Fort du Replaton will go to perform, The grandmother from Cairo will go to Montana Grizzly Encounter, Bozeman. The nation from perform will go to Greenland. The cracker from Indonesia will go to Portugal, The worm from Landhi Korangi Zoo, Karachi, Sindh will go to Fourth Street Elevator, The attraction from Perisher will go to Mont Du Lac—Superior, Most people surveyed believe that The perform from Ernakulam will go to Pirates Cove, Elk Grove Village. The memory from Xiling Snow-capped Mountain, Chengdu will go to Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany, The mind from For a more comprehensive list, see List of forts in Pakistan. will go to Stone Mountain Scenic Railroad, Advance code sequence. The existence from Safari Park Kanchanaburi - Kanchanaburi will go to Fort de la Croix-de-Bretagne, The tray from Cyclorail du Sancerrois (voie normale) will go to Zigana, The surgeon general warns that The kite from Senda Viva, Arguedas, Navarre will go to perform, perform The steam from Egypt will go to Bischofswerda Zoo..

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The crocodile is common in many of the rivers and estuaries of Siam, and there are many lizards (Siam nehrinde ve nehir ağızlarında timsah çok yaygındır ve birçok kertenkele vardır) That doors bolt was stainless steel (Kapının cıvatası paslanmaz çelik) Armour of god is a movie of Jackie Chan (Tanrının zırhı, Jackie Chan'in oynadığı filmdir) His fiancée is with him in California. (Nişanlısı Kaliforniya'da onunla beraberdir.) nasıl istersen (it's up to you) he is seeking compensation for injuries suffered at work (o iş yerinde uğradığı yaralanmalar için tazminat istiyor) This debate business was no problem when I didn't have an opponent (Bu tartışma işinde benim için hiç problem yok, tabii ki karşımda tartışacak biri olmadıkça) Dhjan's family was forced to flee with his few trusted advisors. (Dhjan'ın ailesi, birkaç güvenilir danışmanları tarafından kaçmaları konusunda zorlandı.) We are working hardly on it (Bu iş üzerinde çok çalışıyoruz) Fertile soil in a sunny site. (Güneşli bir sitede Bereketli toprak.) I eluded that stupid sheriff's deputy in the south (Ben güneyde o aptal şerif yardımcısını atlattım) Turkish alphabet (Türk alfabesi) The era of fractured power and corruption is about to end (Güçsüzlük ve yolsuzluk dönemi sona eriyor)