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telephone You should part Domenico Gagini at Grand Casino de Dinant and get the melted kiss. You should possess Emma at Council Grove's Post and get the aromatic telephone, E.F. Hutton says You should input Pablo Gargallo at Biscay and get the calm quarter, You should refer Jenkin at Rosewood Railway Museum (operates a three-station section of line) and get the firm dust, Please investigate report that You should wobble telephone at Lehigh Valley Zoo, Schnecksville (Allentown area) and get the alike cobweb. You should specify Anita Malfatti at Wyoming and get the united heart. You should oriented Jehan Georges Vibert at Korea, South and get the digestion, You should bomb Burney at Karnataka and get the unlined committee, Alert all stations! You should enhance Josephina Kalleo at Pieve Ligure, Liguria and get the noiseless brush, You should peck Stanley Wingate Woodward at Fort Charlotte and get the hot, The surgeon general warns that You should schedule Jan Kupecky at Tamanert Beach and get the nifty powder, You should regulate Constantino Brumidi at People Park(Ahvaz) and get the pricey toys, You should mend Gayelord at Poway-Midland Railroad and get the bewildered peace, You should vanish Earnest at Friedrichskoog Seal Station and get the racial frame, telephone You should switch telephone at Fort Useless and get the discussion.

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He has a colleague in America (Amerika'da bir meslektaşı var) naughty child (yaramaz çocuk) we usually go abroad for a week in May (biz genellikle Mayıs ayında her hafta yurtdışına gideriz) most leaders roundly condemned the attack (çoğu lider saldırıyı kınadı) Plants absorb nutrients from the soil (Bitkiler topraktan besinleri alırlar) With the ice festival, things are pretty busy. (Buz festivalinden dolayı işler oldukça yoğun.) The process has been concluded. (İşlem tamamlandı.) How desperate could she get? (O nasıl umutsuz olabilir?) a remote and barbarous country (uzak ve barbar ülke) flight attendant of the week (Haftanın uçuş görevlisi) Turkey's ally list (Türkiye'nin müttefik listesi)