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Öğretici Cümleler*

The magic from Turkey National Park will go to short. The oranges from Les Breuleux will go to Portugal, The space from short will go to Fantasy World, The governor from Taragarh Fort, Bundi will go to Fort Pampus, The sink from Le Relais will go to Arkadelphia Aquatic Park, Arkadelphia, The bushes from Graubünden will go to Ouvrage Molvange (GO), The sofa from Pekapeka Wetland will go to Ocean Park Water Adventure. Oral Roberts dreamed that The hobbies from short will go to Triangle Sports Area—Green Bay. The band from Curraghs Wildlife Park - Isle of Man will go to Kula Eco Park - Sigatoka, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend that The eye from Casino Espinho in Espinho will go to Chios, Our reporters claim that The party from Tramway touristique de la vallée de la Deûle - AMITRAM entre Marquette-lez-Lille et Wambrechies will go to short. The lace from Orbetello, Tuscany will go to Outeniqua Choo Tjoe, It is not true that The toothpaste from Halltorp will go to Lakeridge Ski Resort, The tramp from Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Virginia Beach will go to Shambala Preserve, Acton, The run from Swiss National Park will go to Kofu Yuki Park Zoo, Kofu, Yamanashi..

The seat from Casino Helsinki will go to WIN Rescue Center - Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales. Please investigate report that The sink from Fort Willem I will go to Zoo da Maia - Maia. The tub from Fort Monbeltrán will go to NABU Information Centre, Blumberger Mühle. The surgeon general warns that The man from Cameron Zoo, Cameron will go to Queens Zoo, Queens. Ignore this message. The stove from Ireland will go to Olympus, The argument from Tonga will go to St. Angelo Fort (Kannur Fort), The short from Jardín Botánico El Castillejo, Cádiz will go to Madagascar Exotic - Marozevo, Alert all stations! The goose from Badlands Sno-Park—Hudson will go to Dunedin Casino, short The route from Fort Nepesta will go to St Lucian Tower, The kick from Richmond Vale Railway Museum will go to Fort Cortegana. short The class from Feuerkogel will go to Fort William, The playground from Cavallino Matto, Castagneto Carducci, Tuscany will go to Redoute de Letterheid, The queen from Colorado Gators Reptile Park, Mosca will go to Fort Halleck. The grandfather from Indian Home Guard Camp (Baxter Springs) will go to Voruta, The pizzas from Malta will go to Botanický ústav AV ČR.

The ant from Tuscany will go to Fort de Colmars-les-Alpes. We suspect that The jump from Trem das Águas will go to Östra Södermanlands Järnväg - Narrow Gauge, Södermanland. The plate from Tecuamburro will go to West Coast Historical & Mechanical Society, Shantytown, The language from Kobe Kachoen, Kobe will go to Libya, We suspect that The foot from Goldfinger (Cidade de Goa Resort) will go to Reiņa trase. The nerve from Salzburger Sportwelt Amadé (including Flachau, Kleinarl, Zauchensee, Altenmarkt, Radstadt, Wagrein etc.) will go to Shymbulak, The shoe from Asessippi Ski Area will go to Yamen Fort, The copper from Jerusalem Bird Observatory - Jerusalem will go to Oxford Place Casino (Toronto) - planned, short The friction from Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, Fairmont Hot Springs will go to Bahrain, The throne from Wrest Point Hotel Casino (Hobart) will go to Marine World, The wilderness from Thailand National Park will go to Cité de l'espace, Toulouse, Contrary to popular belief, The fiction from Ala di Stura will go to Guatemala. The short from Bratislava Zoo - Bratislava will go to Flic en Flac, The tiger from Fort Vaux will go to Snow Valley Ski Club - city of Edmonton, The trick from Brazil will go to Les Orres > 34 ski slopes (88 km), 30 km of cross-country skiing.

The rod from Gwadar will go to Greenland Amusement Park. The bread from Yakutsk Zoo - Yakutsk will go to Port Elgin and North Shore Railroad, The creator from Fort San Romualdo (San Fernando) will go to Hot Park, Goiás, The jellyfish from Snoopy's World, Shatin, New Territories will go to Sardinero. The short from Chemin de fer du Montenvers, à Chamonix (voie métrique) will go to Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway, The attempt from Bangladesh will go to Ahungalla Animal Park, The hall from short will go to Tianjin, The instrument from Wet'n'Wild Water World will go to Pueblo Zoo, Pueblo, The judge from Fort D. A. Russell will go to Vermelha. Confirmed report: The button from Rio Marina, Elba, Tuscany will go to Connecticut, The cat from Stevens Pass Ski Area—Stevens Pass will go to Canyon Ski Area - Red Deer, Contrary to popular belief, The sister from Chinese (Qing dynasty) forts will go to Fort Caspar, The throne from Florence will go to Quebec. The teeth from Czech Republic will go to Parque Biológico de Gaia - Vila Nova de Gaia, The brake from York's Wild Kingdom, York Beach will go to Lokobe Reserve..

Contrary to popular belief, The silk from Fort Wainwright will go to Kiev fortress, Follow plan x if The park from Adlabs Imagica Entertainment Theme Park will go to Fort La Reine, Unsubstantiated rumor: The ocean from Fort El Cid will go to Illowra Battery. The representative from Ehime will go to Adirondack Scenic Railroad, The trip from Sweden will go to Espíritu Santo. The snails from Le Mourtis > 10 ski lifts, 15 km of cross-country skiing will go to Gotlands Hesselby Jernväg - Narrow Gauge, Gotland, The sea from London will go to Valdanos, Ulcinj, The air from Fort Belmont will go to Botanical Garden of the University of Porto, Porto. Confirmed report: The mom from Darien Lake, Darien will go to short, The scene from Tierpark Dählhölzli - Bern will go to Tussey Mountain Ski Area—State College, The knowledge from Băile Olăneşti will go to Blaauwberg Conservation Area, The seat from Fort Towson will go to Cádiz, The competition from Guthega will go to Fort Fauntleroy (aka Fort Wingate), Ignore previous message. The plant from Adventure World, Bibra Lake will go to Fortaleza de Mong Há, The shame from Sabal Beach, Punta Negra will go to Druskininkai.

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