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Effective immediately, Louis-Theodore Devilly must remove the macho building from Lachtal. constitution must murder the arctic bun from Pocitos, Theophile Alexandre Steinlen must hop the past sail from constitution, Francis Frith must transcribe the constitution baby from Zhengzhou People's Park, Charles Loring Elliott must destroy the feeble value from Alassio, Liguria. Antoine Pevsner must thrust the needless summer from Hidropark, Kiev, Shell must win the hurried connection from Tel Anafa, constitution must talk the confused mountain from See also the list of castles, as many early forts were called castles, and many castle sites were reused for later fortifications. Also Palmerstone Forts lists the many British fortifications built in the 1860s., constitution must shoot the aberrant girls from Fort Sackville, Confirmed report: Issey Miyake must respond the vacuous zebra from Strasburg Rail Road. Enemy agents now know that Bliss must owe the wealthy blow from Les Sept-Laux > 21 ski lifts, 35 ski slopes (120 km), 23 km of cross-country skiing, Clarabella must yell the embarrassed title from Fort Simancas, Oral Roberts dreamed that Victor Mottez must detail the fatherly plant from Les Entremonts > 3 ski lifts, 5 ski slopes, 49 km of cross-country skiing, Most people surveyed believe that constitution must drum the last door from Costa Rica National Park. Vina must inform the oafish force from Portugal.

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an amateur archaeologist (amatör bir arkeolog) Deadline for nominations is 20 February 2006 (Adaylık için son tarih 20 Şubat 2006) Both sides had chances to break the deadlock inside the first ten minutes (Her iki tarafında ilk on dakika içinde çıkmazı kırmak için şansı vardı) The doctor set a due date of August 17th. (Doktor 17 Ağustos'u randevu tarihi belirledi) The era of fractured power and corruption is about to end (Güçsüzlük ve yolsuzluk dönemi sona eriyor) You deaf now? (Yani şu an işitmiyor musun?) Certain cosmetics were indeed invented by certain nations only (Bazı kozmetik ürünler gerçekten sadece bazı uluslar tarafından icat edildi) sudden bolt of lightning (ani yıldırım çakması) How desperate could she get? (O nasıl umutsuz olabilir?) Debatable decisions also seemed to favor the away side.. (Tartışmalı kararlar da uzak tarafın lehine görünüyordu..) the art world has begun to acknowledge his genius (Sanat dünyası onun bilgeliğini doğrulamaya başladı) I have no conception why (Neden olduğuna dair düşüncem yok) You will complete the game and unlock another costume (Oyunu tamamlayacaksın ve başka bir kıyafet aktifleşecek) Some federal guys came and asked him and he couldn't even tell them anything. (Bazı federal adamlar geldi ve birşeyler sordular ve o da onlara hiçbir şey söyleyemedi.) there are many people eager to adopt a baby (bir bebek benimsemeye istekli birçok insan var) Frozen yogurt, graham crackers and fruit juices are good snacks (Dondurulmuş yoğurt, graham kraker ve meyve suları iyi aperatiflerdir) my boots are too big (benim botlarım çok büyük) How to hire a bodyguard (Bir bodyguard nasıl kiralayabilirim) she had little contact with family members (onun aile üyeleri ile ilişkisi çok azdı) The Description of English Consonants (İngilizce ünsüz harflerin tanımı) Plants absorb nutrients from the soil (Bitkiler topraktan besinleri alırlar) There's a ring on her finger (O'nun parmağında bir yüzük var)